Greetings on Saturday

A word from Melinda regarding her sister, Betty.

Hello, everyone!  Betty had an eventful day yesterday and a busy night.  She was Doppler-ed and ultra-sounded from head to toe, just missed the echocardiogram!  Saw all of her doctors…She started with the stress test yesterday morning and then had all her ultrasounds, didn’t get to eat until mid-afternoon.  They do not know where the blood is being lost and are doing tests to search.  Kidneys are working from 40 to 50%.  She did not have a heart attack but is going in and out of rhythm.  She is scheduled for a heart cath on Monday, don’t know time yet.  She had two units of blood yesterday.  Started late and was nearly finished with first unit when her IV blew and they had to restart in the other arm.  After the blood, each time, she had an one-half Lasix dose in her IV.  After both the blood and Lasix, she had the big bag of fluids.  I came home around midnight and she was just finishing her first unit of blood.  Needless to say, she and Mike (her son who spent the night) did not get much rest last night.  She told me this morning that they were going to let her rest this weekend to have more strength for her cath.  She is also getting IV iron once a day.  Hopefully, she will not have to have more blood this weekend but we are in “wait and see”  or “test and wait” mode! She is in pretty good spirits and that helps.
Please pray for her and for her doctors to have the skill and wisdom to heal her.  Pray for strength to get through the cath and for the answer to the blood loss.  And thanks for all the prayers you have already prayed on her behalf.  How much they help!  Love and prayers help more than most people realize.  And I am grateful for every one, as is Betty and family.
Also, please remember Tommy and Raye.  She has had to go back to the nursing home and is not doing very well.  Tommy is just barely getting around; he is not able to walk or move well at all, but is at nursing home with Raye every possible minute.  They need our prayers, too.  Thank you, God, for listening and answering our prayers.
Thanks for all your concerns and replies. 
Love to all,
And a personal request from me for my daughter, Andria. She’s the one I call Little Girl. She is really sick, has been to the doctor this morning and is none the better. I covet your prayers for her.
Thank you,

2 Replies to “Greetings on Saturday”

  1. For Betty. When I past by thee and saw thee poluted in thine own blood, I said “Live” yea I said, “Live.” Ez. 16:6

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