However true or not is the following article, whatever my opinion or yours, clearly Bamako, Mali in West Africa is a place GOD has said: pray.  If you missed my introduction to Bamako last week, please click HERE to read.

Is GOD calling you to pray for the people and the ‘governmental’ unrest of Bamako too?

Many people first heard about plans for U.S. intervention in the African country of Mali during the third Presidential debate in October. Republican candidate Mitt Romney clumsily tried to speak about Mali’s recent turmoil.

On Dec. 20, 2012, those plans continued to move forward. The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution calling for military invention in Mali. The resolution comes after nearly nine months of unrest in the landlocked West African country following a military coup d’état in Bamako, the capital.

For months, international human rights organizations warned about the human cost of military intervention in Mali. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in West Africa estimates that intervention will displace more than 300,000 Malians. Additionally, the 500,000 people living in northern Mali will face food insecurity, starvation and disease because of reduced access to aid.

via U.S. hands off Mali, U.S. out of Africa! | Opinion – Liberal.

Click HERE for the link to continue the story.


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