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The LOFTThe Loft: A weekly Hangout and Link Up for Christian bloggers [Graphic by Kerry Messeris all about Thanksgiving this month. There is never an end of things for which I can give thanks, albeit writing about it all month presents a challenge. So here’s to challenge week 1.

Today I am giving thanks for others through whom the HOLY SPIRIT ministers. Just two in particular today; just so you know there a many, many who have personally brought the Light of JESUS to me.

Yesterday with Friends viewing Session 2 of Ann Voskamps’s DVD Unwrapping the Greatest Gift I got more than one word but one word I hope to share here with you. She said (my paraphrase) This Christmas make space. Make space for GOD. We make space when we slow our pace.

So this Christmas space your p ace for the E (Emanuel) and get PEACE.

Emanuel. GOD with us. Let us make space for Him in our celebrating, in our 24/7, celebrating or not. 🙂

Then this morning I opened my Journey. And today’s writer said: “Routines bring order and create space in my day.”

SPACE. Did she write space? Yes. She did. Make space for GOD. Routines help make space in our lives for GOD. Rhythms and routines she said help us make space. So I’m seeking to know His Rhythm for me in this season of my life; this season that is so filled with not routine. And one thought led to another and I came to end with this: YESHUA, please teach me to search Your Face for Your Heart about this ________.

I have a few things to fill in the blank; perhaps you do too. I really think we can fill in the blank with any struggle, any hurt, any need, any any. The Prince of Peace came to give us peace. Peace in our struggles. Peace in our routines. Peace in our NOT routines. Peace to slow the pace and created space for Him in us!

Yes for this I am giving thanks.

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie


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