Confession is Good for the soul

I am here to make a confession and a subsequent observation or opinion, one might say.

I heard the most unpleasant announcement today. Some in my community of faith have made expressions of congratulations. I am not here to do that. It’s too early for that. I want a recount. More than a recount I want offending parties to be brought to justice.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

My confession. Fear and anger. Anger usually follows fear.
GOD, were You not listening?
How could You let this happen?
How could You let people cheat?
How could You let people harvest votes?
How could You let these corrupt people steal this election?
Troubling conversation to say the least and basically one-sided for a while. 

The Will of Man. There it is. It was the will of man to cheat. It was the will of man to harvest votes. It was the will of man to circumvent the election system.
It was the will of a few men and women to put a Dem in the White House by any means necessary – do what you got to do.  Just get er done.
Lie. Cheat. Steal. Whatever it takes.
Do I believe this? Yes. I absolutely do.
Unregenerate man is capable of more vile actions than you and I can imagine.

The will of man. I love that man has free will when man does right but when man does wrong, not so much.

My anger at GOD has passed. Yes. I was mad with GOD this afternoon for allowing Joe Biden to be announced as President-elect (that is so repulsive to even type).
No. I am not willing to settle into that but I do have some sense of peace now.
Do I have confidence that there will be a recount? No.
Do I have confidence that even if a recount is done that it will be done properly? No, not really.
Do I hope? Yes.
Am I praying? Yes.

But I may not be praying what you think. I’m not even praying what I was praying.
But I am confident that GOD wants the right thing to be done.
GOD wants people to repent.
GOD wants people to come forward and tell the truth.
GOD wants truth and justice to prevail.

He honors the Free Will of Man.

Here’s my conclusion.
If there is not an honest recount.
If illegitimate ballots are not thrown out and if there is not an open, honest, verifiable recount, that tells me one thing.
It’s not even my fault for not praying enough. Or yours.
Neither is it GOD’s Will.

You heard me. It is not GOD’s will for corruption to flourish.

It is not GOD’s Will for America to become a Socialist/Communist Nation, but She might.

It was not GOD’s will for people to vote for an abortion advocating, liberty-robbing candidate, but people did – just not as many as we are told.

So, if this fraud stands, it will not be because GOD wants it. It will not be GOD’s will.

It will be because there are people in the Courts, people in the Government, and people of corrupt influence who have willed to NOT repent and have refused to hear GOD.

I can only say GOD does justly.
The corrupt will kneel one day (probably not as soon as I want them too); and it may be too late to keep them out of hell but they will know they have been caught and justice has arrived. 

My anger with my Father is resolved and I am relieved, forgiven, and at peace with Him again.  
That’s as far as I have gotten today. 🙂

Good night, Friends.
Pray that people will surrender to the voice of GOD.
Pray that people will do right.
Pray for President Trump to be comforted and strengthed, guided and protected; and his family.
Pray for Vice-President Pence the same and his family.
And believe that GOD ALWAYS DOES RIGHT even when He is more long-suffering, and more patient that we want Him to be.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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