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Acts 3

I notice something about Peter (Kefa) in my reading of Acts 3 that I appreciate so much. His boldness. So bold to use the word YOU. 
I’m not bold like Peter. I wonder if I ever will be. 


Peter minced no words when he was delivering the sermon recorded for us in Acts 3. Not less than 20 times (CJB translation) he says YOU.
You know when YOU is necessary we ought to use it, don’t you think? 

Why was Peter so bold? 
Because he loved so greatly, I think AND he was empowered by Holy Spirit. 

What would our generations do to a man (or woman) like Peter?
I wonder how many Peter-like men or women there are in the world today?
I wonder how many would preach Acts 3 today? 

So, have you read Acts 3 today? Or another chapter of your choosing? 




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