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Aren’t they amazing?
I mean what they do for the face — beautiful accents! 

Within the whole of humanity, there are only two models:  male and female.  (Genesis 5:2)
And somehow all the males are alike and each is unique.
It is the same with the females, all females are alike, and yet each is unique; go figure — only GOD could do that, don’t you think?

Back to eyebrows. 
We have them. Some more, some less. I know about less. I used to have more. And when I can draw some back in, oh my I feel so much better.
Eyebrows and the rest of the human body! Amazing.
Father GOD, is awesome!

His design was flawless. 
And even when deadly sin invaded, the body still functions — not flawlessly but well enough that we would do well to be in AWE of the GOD who created us. 

Yes, eyebrows brought on all this musing.

May I urge you to do some research?
Science, true Science, if you study it will increase your Awe and trust in our Holy, Perfect Creator. 

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

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