A Need to Pray


January 16, 2022

Immediately before coming here to write, I heard the recorded words of a well-known Minister saying in response to the question what can the Church do in response to the disturbing drop in the numbers of people who profess to be Christians.

The reply was the Church has a lot of work to do.

To that, I replied within the confines of my mind and now, here on this digital screen: 

The Church works all the time; She has plenty of works. 

But Her works are lacking in Power. Holy Spirit power. 
The imperative act of the Church in response to society today is REPENTANCE. 

By and large, if we could see into the realm of the Spiritual World, I believe, we would see JESUS standing outside the doors of buildings we call churches dotting streets all over America.  (Revelation 3:14-22)


The Congregations of American churches need to repent of their idolatry and immoral, un-Biblical living.

Repentance. The American Church’s greatest need. 

Will you pray?
Will you pray for Holy Spirit to be gracious and give Christians the Gift of Conviction and Repentance?
Will you pray for GOD to raise up True Prayer Warriors in every church dotting a street in America? 


January 14, 2022
Here we are 14 days into 2022.
Are you praying? 
A view of just about any page listed here at The White Stone will give you plenty of reasons to pray. 
If you want some help praying and are willing to let me know, I WILL PRAY with you. 
 email me HERE



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