As the World is Celebrating Christmas

It’s that time again. The world is celebrating Christmas.  What does it mean?
What are we celebrating?

Studious Seekers of Scripture are convinced Yeshua was not born on December 25 – we do not know the exact date of His birth. We do accept Shepherds are not in the fields on nights of winter.

How would we celebrate if the celebration was really all about HIM? I would like to experience that –wouldn’t you?

What if we looked at Scriptural Celebrations? What were they like? The  Bible gives us more than just a clue. 

I think we would find Personal Reflection.
The putting away of leaven (sin) from our houses (our lives).
The Reading of Scripture – lots of reading.
Fasting AND Feasting.
Family. Friends.
Rejoicing and mourning – together.
Music, even dancing.
Laughter and Crying
Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.

We would find life. Doing life with GOD and for GOD.

Is that Christmas today? O that such celebrating was indeed our  Christmases. O that it could be, would be!
Do we not know, the baby born about whom songs have been written and sung for centuries is not who saved you and me?
The GODCHILD born in a manger, visited by shepherds, worshipped by Wise Men when a toddler did not save us.
Our Salvation required the GODCHILD to sinlessly grow into the GODMAN dying on an execution stake, innocent, and yet taking on our sins’ penalty, arising from the dead, and passing through the bounds of that tomb – this dear ones, this is the One Who saves us — but only when we repent and trust HIM.  

The Christmas we have long celebrated, what does it do for the Kingdom of our GOD? Does all this activity we call Christmas bring us any closer to obedient fellowship with The Father? Does it bring us any closer to sacrificial living for the eternal Kingdom of our GOD?

What if instead, we gave parties in honor of the GODMAN throughout the year? What if we chose to FAST and FEAST in His honor throughout the year? What if we gave gifts of love and need to family and friends, even strangers, when prompted by Holy Spirit, any time of year? What if we decorated our homes and our lives to His Honor in every season HE gives us?

But alas we say Merry Christmas. We say it without a thought. Why? What is this greeting we say to one another through all the month of December? What really, do we mean with each Merry Christmas we say?

We are about to embark upon the last month of 2021, can you believe it? It’s nearly spent. Jerry and I are grateful the GODMAN by His Spirit has brought us this far.

This year brought the birth of another great-grandson. A weekly prayer partner for me via telephone whose fellowship has prayed me through plumbing ails, broken teeth, worries, and fears about family and friends. It has brought two beautiful younger sisters in the Faith to me for mentoring. A new to me way of eating- the Biblical Nutritionist. The milling of wheat berries and the baking of our bread. Loving and caring for the man who dearly loves and cares for me. Gardening, not so well but we are learning, we hope. Accomplishing the feat of writing at my blog for 30 days without a miss. Not nearly enough fellowship with brothers and sisters in The Faith, or our beautiful children, grands and great-grands, all of us here and there; but hopefully this will improve in 2022.
Music and laughter, YouTubes bringing beloved messages of hope and correction to our living room. A 30-minute walk, now and then. 😊 You get the idea – making a life with what GOD gives or allows.

What will 2022 bring? Only GOD knows. But in all of it, HE will be with us. We are hoping you all can say the same. If you cannot we would count it an honor and a privilege to share our individual stories of Salvation with you.

So until we meet face to face or by some other way of communicating, Jerry and I leave you now with this greeting for the coming year of 2022.    Immanuel!”

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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