Hidden Vents

Flawed and fallible human I am, from time to time I vent.
That’s what this page is – a home for my thoughts and woes perhaps not worthy of front-page but a few pages back will do.

February 22, 2021

I was venting to Adonai this morning, and something I would love to tell the world came to mind. 
We. That’s you and me. We, individually, independently.
I am responsible for what I say – angry or calm when I say it and I am responsible for what I do.
Notwithstanding, I may be influenced by others, even so, I am responsible for what I DO.

I am not responsible for what any other person in this entire world has ever done or will do – past, present, future. (Hopefully, I have influenced a few to choose GOD.)
So, I am responsible for MY decisions. Not yours.
I am responsible for MY actions. Not yours.

The only thing I OWE you is to love you.
I don’t owe you an education.
I don’t owe you a house.
I don’t owe you food.
I don’t owe you clothing.
I don’t owe you an apology for the color of my skin or anything else about me for which I had NO control over.
I.e. where I was born.
To whom I was born.
When I was born.
Male or female.
The color of my eyes.
The color/texture of my birth hair.
How big my ears.
How long or short my legs and arms.
We are judged sometimes daily on these things for which we have NO RESPONSIBILITY.
I did not make ONE of the foregoing choices for myself. Neither did you, for you. 
Why is it a cultural sin for me to accept these things about myself and refuse to allow myself to be ashamed of either of them?
Why does this culture say I must hate who I am to prove to you that I don’t hate you?
The Bible says
I am to OWE you NOTHING except to love you and HE gets to decide what that love looks like. Romans 13:8
He decides.
Not me.
Not you.
Not the government.

IF HOLY SPIRIT says give (to you whatever HE chooses that to be) I then OWE it to HIM to give to YOU.

The government of the Un-United States has played god for so many decades and in the process has ruined more than a couple generations of humans.
Today our Land is sick, sick, sick with people pointing fingers, holding signs, and screaming – you owe me.
I would to GOD each of us would ask what do I owe You, GOD?
An obedient response to what HE says would heal this sick Land. 

February 18, 2021
Racism does not live in the obedient Body of Christ.
When people hold their identity in who they are in CHRIST the color of their skin is pigment. Their predominant culture is Scripture. Their likes and dislikes give way to what does The Scripture say. The character of the person, how that person relates to the Savior decides all things.

The earthly nation of origin or the color of one’s skin is nothing to be grasped and made much to do about, not to be prized and held up for applause.
The worth of the soul, every soul, is found in the PRICE YESHUA paid to deliver one, anyone, from eternal damnation. Thus racism is no more.
And so until person after person comes to this reality racism is stirred and grows. That growth is by design. The designer is Satan. No wonder racism is so evil and unconfined.
Racism lives in the heart of every soul whose identity is the color of their skin.