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Flawed and fallible human I am, from time to time I vent.
That's what this page is - a home for my thoughts and woes 
perhaps not worthy of front-page but a few pages back will do.  
February 22, 2021

September 20, 2021

I’m here to quietly pen a personal observation.
The bulk if not all of those who have not presented for the arm thing, as I see it, is made up of people who are acute Biblical Thinkers or hardcore Constitutionalists. Either way, we would not be in the peril and chaos we are today if there more such people. 

I hear a few people calling for Biden to resign, do people not realize that there is NO ONE, not one! person in line to succeed him who is any better?
There is not one person in line to step into the office that appreciates and will uphold the Constitution?
No one, People. No, not one!

September 4, 2021

Let me give this caveat. I’m venting. I have no evidence.
Just surmising from observing depraved human nature and what has happened since 2020. 

When first released the virus killed old people. Then with the experimental vaccine, we got a variant. That variant is killing younger people – 40s and 50s even.
The vaccinated are getting sick and dying too. I personally know people who were hospitalized who were fully vaccinated. I personally know a man who was fully vaccinated and DIED!

UK Data.   Scottland Data.  Israeli Data. 
Now Big Pharma is talking about children and eventually, babies will be taking their experimental vaccine (It’s not like any vaccine I’ve EVER experienced) according to the CEO of Pfizer. (That interview with him is on page Because We need to know.)
The Powers that Be are already talking booster and a new variant this Fall.
How eerie. They are expecting it. 

Will the new variant kill children?
Obviously, money and power care not for children.
Obviously, money and power care not for the elderly or the younger.
It often sits wondering on the desktop of my mind: why?
If Big Pharma, the CDC, NHI, WHO, and some people I will not name, IF they cared so much for the well-being of people and they are so big on mandates, WHY have they not mandated no tobacco can be consumed or grown in the world?
Look how many people it kills annually.
How about alcohol?
Look at the death and destruction the drinking of alcohol causes.
WHY have they not banned and prohibited its use?
Oh they did that once and it didn’t work out too well, the government lost too much money in revenue, didn’t it? 

There are other killers among us: pesticides in our food, GMOs, etc.
There are no mandates to stop these things. Why?
Why do fast food restaurants dot the landscape?
Where’s the concern for our well-being?
Americans are dying of obesity-related causes. 
Where’s the concern?

Why are we free to choose to kill ourselves with tobacco, alcohol, obesity, pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables, GMO corn and other crops, animal meat shot up with antibiotics, and growth hormones, but this one virus released on us and its variants, we must not be allowed to choose our own course of health care and treatment because Big Pharma, etc. cares so much for our well-being. Of course, they do!

It has NOTHING to do with our well-being.
It’s not the vaccinated or the unvaccinated people that are at fault here.
It’s the Puppet Masters well hidden and concealed — for now.
But you know what? Father GOD knows. He is merciful. But He is also Just. NO PERSON leaves this earth without His notice – His Response to all this is coming.
And that’s the way I see it. 

I am still entitled to my own opinion, am I not?
Only in some circles. Yes. I know. 


August 19, 2021

My last entry here was the yellow stars. 
It’s advancing. 

FORCED vaccinations.
In America.
What’s next? 

Do I believe this virus is serious? 
I surely do. I have witnessed it in action.

Do I believe what the media says about it? 
Why would I?

Do I believe precautions are wisdom?
Why wouldn’t I? 

Do I take many precautions?

Do I believe this is an all-out push of the government to beat GOD out of people and gain absolute control of ALL facets of people’s daily inhaling and exhaling?
Have I read my Bible?

And one final — what makes one person right and another one wrong? 


July 4, 2021

There are Covid Nazis among us.

The most prominent in my circle are Corporations requiring unvaccinated employees to continue to wear masks.

Such requirements have the same purpose as the yellow stars in Hitler’s Germany.

Requiring unvaccinated employees to wear masks is a malicious attempt to shame, coerce, violate their free-will, and to enlist others to berate their free-thinking co-workers into violating their own conscience and their bodies with an undesired chemical concoction.

Moreover, where’s the Science?

Since we are told these so-called vaccines are so effective, what worry do the vaccinated have? They are in no danger of contracting COVID or a variant from those who have not taken the JAB, are they? If there continues to be a danger for them, what good is the vaccine?

Yes indeed. The mask has become a yellow star in America so the Elite can easily identify those insisting they have brains enough to think for themselves.

Wouldn’t you like for Fauci and other Elites to apply their Covid philosophy of “one death is a death too many” to Womb Babies and to the precious souls who died last Summer when liberal domestic terrorists ravaged America’s cities? 


May 19, 2021

I’ve heard it said that vaccine passports are un-American.
And I agree but for me, that’s not the real atrocity.

GOD ALMIGHTY The CREATOR does not force His will on His OWN Creation and yet we have unregenerate humans telling other humans what they must do. And in the words of Joe Biden himself, those who do not take the vaccine will pay the price.

These are heinous times.
Are better days ahead?
Yes. But not soon – not until the Days when Yeshua HaMashiach, THE GODMAN is ruling from the Throne of David.
Until then – Security, Truth, Honesty, and any good thing will ONLY be found through obedience and allegiance to JESUS CHRIST The RIGHTEOUS.
So if you are playing at being a Follower of JESUS, you will find the approaching times more difficult than you are prepared to live.
You see as detrimental to human freedom as is this present administration, America’s pending dismantling and destruction is due to PRESENT, PRACTICING SIN of not only those in Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court (and Lower Courts) but of We the People, particularly people professing Jesus and yet who live their day to day existence no differently than any moral person on the street that has no to claim to salvation.
The professing American Church by and large is an Entertainment Center that throws in just enough talk about Jesus to collect tithes and offerings.


February 22, 2021
I was venting to Adonai this morning, and something I would love to tell the world came to mind. 
We. That’s you and me. We, individually, independently.
I am responsible for what I say – angry or calm when I say it and I am responsible for what I do.
Notwithstanding, I may be influenced by others, even so, I am responsible for what I DO.

I am not responsible for what any other person in this entire world has ever done or will do – past, present, future. (Hopefully, I have influenced a few to choose GOD.)
So, I am responsible for MY decisions. Not yours.
I am responsible for MY actions. Not yours.

The only thing I OWE you is to love you.
I don’t owe you an education.
I don’t owe you a house.
I don’t owe you food.
I don’t owe you clothing.
I don’t owe you an apology for the color of my skin or anything else about me for which I had NO control over.
I.e. where I was born.
To whom I was born.
When I was born.
Male or female.
The color of my eyes.
The color/texture of my birth hair.
How big my ears.
How long or short my legs and arms.
We are judged sometimes daily on these things for which we have NO RESPONSIBILITY.
I did not make ONE of the foregoing choices for myself.
Neither did you, for you. 
Why is it a cultural sin for me to accept these things about myself and refuse to allow myself to be ashamed of either of them?
Why does this culture say I must hate who I am to prove to you that I don’t hate you?
The Bible says
I am to OWE you NOTHING except to love you and HE gets to decide what that love looks like. Romans 13:8
He decides.
Not me.
Not you.
Not the government.

IF HOLY SPIRIT says give
(to you whatever HE chooses that to be) I then OWE it to HIM to give to YOU.

The government of the Un-United States has played god for so many decades and in the process has ruined more than a couple generations of humans.
Today our Land is sick, sick, sick with people pointing fingers, holding signs, and screaming – you owe me.
I would to GOD each of us would ask what do I owe You, GOD?
An obedient response to what HE says would heal this sick Land. 

February 18, 2021
Racism does not live in the obedient Body of Christ.
When people hold their identity in who they are in CHRIST the color of their skin is pigment. Their predominant culture is Scripture. Their likes and dislikes give way to what does The Scripture say. The character of the person, how that person relates to the Savior decides all things.

The earthly nation of origin or the color of one’s skin is nothing to be grasped and made much to do about, not to be prized and held up for applause.
The worth of the soul, every soul, is found in the PRICE YESHUA paid to deliver one, anyone, from eternal damnation. Thus racism is no more.
And so until person after person comes to this reality racism is stirred and grows. That growth is by design. The designer is Satan. No wonder racism is so evil and unconfined.
Racism lives in the heart of every soul whose identity is the color of their skin.