Oh To Be Fascinated!


Beth (Moore) said today via Wednesdays with Beth:

If it still hurts it is not a scar, it’s a wound and we better let JESUS heal that thing!

You cannot read many IDOK Devotions and not know that the people of Israel are dear to me.  A precious people to be loved and prayed for.  A treasured people who as a whole, as a Nation, have yet to fulfill their destiny and purpose for being chosen by Yahweh.  The purpose of introducing to the world, the Savior of the World — JESUS the CHRIST of Nazareth by way of Bethlehem by way of Heaven.   And when I read Matthew 1:1 I am today struck with the very Jewish-ness of JESUS.   Read with me.  The record of the genealogy of JESUS the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

The son of David, the son of Abraham.  The son of their greatest earthly king, the son of their Father, their Leader — the First of them.

And knowing the very Jewish-ness of JESUS, our Savior, the LORD of our spirit, soul, and body, how can anyone of us not dearly and passionately love the people of Israel?  How can we not love them as our very own when He is so One of them?   In these Countdown Days, please let not a day go by that you do not pray for Israel, even on those days that I do not remind us, Holy Spirit, please remind us to pray for Israel.

What brought me to Matthew 1:1 today?  Adventuring through the Life of Christ by Ray C. Stedman.   You may already know this but just in case you have not thought of it lately, this is what I am gleaning from Mr. Stedman’s book.

The Gospel of Matthew was penned by Matthew, a tax collector; his primary audience was a Jewish one; and his purpose was to introduce to them their KING.  Matthew is the Gospel of JESUS, the KING.

The Gospel of Mark, as we call it, was penned by Mark and his primary audience was the Romans which could be the reason this Gospel contains the most Latin words of the Four. And why in keeping with the spirit of a Roman we find haste and action on its pages; but most importantly we find JESUS, The Servant.  So Mark is the Gospel of JESUS, The Servant.   And I so like that Mr. Stedman described JESUS as the Servant of God, not the Servant of Man.  Oh how freeing it is for us when we become the servant of God rather than a servant of man.

The Gospel of Luke, again, as we call it, was penned by Luke and his primary audience was the Greek-minded folk, those philosophically minded.  And get this, the book of Luke is filled with the LORD’s table talk.  Those things He said to His disciples, their intimate fellowship.  Don’t you love it?!  But that’s not all, Luke is the Gospel of JESUS, the Perfect Human Being.

John, the beloved, the penman of the Gospel of JESUS the Everlasting One; written to his primary audience — us, the Christians.  This Gospel from beginning to end lets us see JESUS, the I AM – Very GOD.  In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

And one last thing for this time from Mr. Stedman and I quote: “They are not biographies but character sketches, intended to present different points of view, different dimensions of the complex and endlessly fascinating person of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.”  And my take on that is If JESUS is not the most fascinating to me person of all persons I know, then I don’t know Him very well.  But by the time I get through the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and The ACTS,  alongside Mr. Stedman’s book, I will be much more fascinated with Him!!  Oh, YES! Make it so LORD! Make it so!!

ABBA, it is my desire, my hope, and my prayer that this writing will encourage and inspire our IDOKs, our Readers, and me to pour these Gospels into us.  For You LORD JESUS to become the most fascinating person, the ONE Person that we love more than any other or anything.  I pray that be so of us.  And I pray for Israel, for this People that You love so much, for them to love You back.  I pray Your Gospel will be demonstrated to them, lived out before them by us, Gentile Christians, so well that they will desire You and will embrace You as their Messiah, individually in these Countdown Days prior to that time to come.

I pray for our IDOK Troops, please keep them safe and protected today and bring each home at Your appointed time.  And for the remainder of our list, we pray for them as we pray for ourselves that You will be our pursuit in whatever season and situation, and station that we are.   And since it comes to mind at this moment I pray for services tonight as Christians gather to pray on local sites that You will be welcomed and desired and real worship will be offered and real prayers will be prayed in the Name of JESUS.  Amen and amen.

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