Ask, Seek, Knock

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I think I have some shareable things from my study so far this morning.

DADDY GOD, thank You for lessons You are teaching.  And in the merits of JESUS I ask that You, Holy Spirit, enable me to share here on this page a portion of what You are speaking.  Amen and amen.

Matthew 11: 9 (NASB) “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 10 For everyone who asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, it will be opened.

Here are some thoughts that I trust will gel into a concept that will help us.

Ask to me says I have a need and I am invited, even more than invited, I am commanded for my own good to ASK God; to name my need and ask Him to manifest the provision that will meet that need. Asking is acknowledging I have nothing to work with here.  I need You, LORD, to step in here. I suppose I could say it’s just pretty well cut and dry: I need help and He is the GIVER of that help. And He has promised He will do it.

Seek to me says that there is something I don’t know, some area that I am in the dark about, I don’t know what to do, don’t know how to handle the situation, don’t know how to work it,  don’t see how it could work out; and in this I am again invited, even commanded, to SEEK God.  Seek Him for information, for light on the subject, for a plan, for wisdom to see the situation in the LIGHT of His way and will.  To me seeking is more than asking.   Seeking to me indicates I have to get more involved than just asking one time and then waiting for God to supply it.  I have to prayerfully with Him compare options, compare information as it comes.  It’s a process and in the process of seeking I will come to know Him better, not just His ways but His very character.  And He has promised if I seek He will answer; that I will FIND the answer.  Not that it will just be handed to me without me exercising some effort but that I will find it.  And again, I don’t have to wonder if He will answer me. I can choose to just KNOW it, if I want to; if I want to put forth the effort of seeking.

Knock to me says that I have asked and I’ve been seeking but that’s not enough; I have to be willing to KNOCK on those doors that I am asking Him to open.  I have to be willing to trust Him and actually walk in the path that He outlines. I have to be willing to actually look out that window I say I want Him to open; I have to be willing to actually step through the door He will open.  Am I? If I am He will surely do it.  I don’t have to wonder about that.  He Will!

And one more thought here.  Lets say I have asked but so far  — nothing.  Could it be that what is needed is not asking but seeking? And lets say I have been seeking and I’m still in the dark, perhaps I should be knocking.  Perhaps I need to be WILLING to put hands  (oh that’s cute … hands – knock) and feet to my asking and seeking.

Perhaps we need to step up in the process. And suppose we have; suppose we are knocking, so much so our knuckles and our knees are raw and bleeding?  I have one more thought: perhaps the bleeding is necessary for a much needed deeper healing and when that deep healing has taken place the actual answer is in the deep healing.

I’m just thinking . . . ask, seek, knock.

All I have to do now is be willing to let You apply this to myself right, ABBA?  I can’t do it without You, I pray to be willing to KNOCK till it is done. And, DADDY, for every IDOK who is willing I pray this for them too.  In fact as I pray and they pray we come in one accord for the deep healings we each need.  Make it so, LORD, make it so.

And we collectively come in JESUS Name on behalf of our IDOK Troops.  We want them to be safe and sound; we want them to be whole particularly in spirit and one in particular I am reminded of.  You know the need and I pray he will come to the end of this and there Your Cross will be and he will bow before You and stand again to serve not just this Country but You.   We pray for the families of these.  I pray their practical and spiritual needs will be met.

And we pray for our Praying For These people. You know the list well; better than we.  We are asking You to supply their needs and we pray to be willing to seek ways to minister to them and we are praying to be made ready to knock and be moved on their behalf(s) as You lead.

And we forget not the other daily needs for Israel, for America, for the Church. Holy Spirit, help us faithfully pray. Amen and amen.

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