Solomon Islands

As I looked at the world map this morning, I was drawn to Solomon Islands. I came to my laptop and began to explore. Early in the exploration I questioned why Solomon Islands. It’s people mass is so large, all the others have been tiny. The establishment of Christianity seems widespread.

Perhaps this YouTube gives a clue about why it is important for me to pray for Solomon Islands – perhaps you will join me for this month of December.

And for more information, please at least give a glance to the article at THIS LINK. It was new information for me (but not for my beloved – He knows so much about the world! And me? Well, I dare not tell you how little geography/world political science I have retained). The more I continue with this World Evangelism Praying the more I think, ‘yes, this is a GOD THING for me here’. I NEED the education!

So I am curious. Any of you out there taking a look at my World Evangelism Praying Places? 🙂 And are you joining me on Thursdays to pray? Just wondering.

If you would like to refresh your memory of earlier places, choose and click.

Easter Island     Crozet Islands      Svalbard, Norway         Svalbard, Norway (youtube)

Brave the Dark with The LIGHT,

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