Continuing to look at verses of Scripture containing the word foundation is prompting today’s post.

Exodus 9:17-19 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

(vii) 17 Since you are still setting yourself up against my people and not letting them go, 18 tomorrow, about this time, I will cause a hailstorm so heavy that Egypt has had nothing like it from the day it was founded until now. 19 Therefore, send and hurry to bring indoors all your livestock and everything else you have in the field. For hail will fall on every human being and animal left in the field that hasn’t been brought home, and they will die.”’”

via Exodus 9:17-19 CJB – (vii) Since you are still setting – Bible Gateway.

And who of us does not see GRACE in the Old Testament? This passage was addressed to the Pharaoh and was delivered by Moses. I encourage you to read the whole of Exodus 9. Particularly verse 8 – ashes from the kiln. If you don’t think GOD is awesome, you don’t know Him! Back to today’s point. GRACE.

Grace in the Old Testament. As I said this passage was at the time addressed to the Pharaoh (and now we have it for our learning – I am so glad!). The vile man who refused again and again to let Israel go. And yet GOD gave an OUT to ANY who would listen! That is grace, my Friends! Our GOD is the AWESOME GOD of Grace in the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.

ABBA, thank You. Thank You for Your Word that reveals Your Grace to us. Grace in a place that some have accused You of having none; thank You that You have revealed truth.
And in particular I asked in a certain place that truth be revealed today. Thank You for knowing, ABBA. Thank You for taking us back again today to the word foundation. Help us build well today on The Foundation of Life.
And for each Reader coming to this page, I pray for truth to be revealed and Your Grace to be experienced; grace that will lead to softened hearts; hearts that will gladly yield to You; for in yielding to You, ABBA, we are truly free.
I pray for comfort, for helps of every kind and sort, for healings of illnesses, diseases, and broken hearts as needed for each dear Soul gathering here. And I pray for the rescue of children in and out of wombs, for the bondage of sex trafficking to be broken and destroyed, for the protection and peace of Israel, for the repentance and restoration of America and for the Bride of CHRIST to bow before You and receive strength and Will to rise to her feet and tell Your GOOD NEWS. Amen and amen.



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