I’d like to publicly pray with you. I have posted a few times on Facebook what was meant for evil GOD means for good. I am assured of that. I am assured that we are not alone in this Coronavirus or any other troubling, threatening situation. GOD has not forsaken us; He may not even be fed up with us yet. (insert smile) 🙂

I’ve watched a bit of News today, reports of people pulling together, helping one another are trickling into the media feed. Do you know how good that is?!

Let us not let this opportunity get away from us. Whether you are a family sequestered at home or even just one and her cat, seek GOD. Seize, grab hold with all you have this opportunity for serious praying, reading Scripture, listening to good music (gospel music even). Hone your skill of listening to the Father and your family. Text, phone,  facetime even with those you love but can’t hang out with right now. Believe that GOD has got you in this and that He is speaking; that you can come through this with a testimony that says it was worth it all!

Let’s pray.

Abba, I am so grateful and thankful for the assurance and the confidence You have given that we are not alone in this and that You are not mad at us, that You are taking what the evil one meant to kill us with to awaken us, help us, lift us up to higher planes of delight and assurance of Your love and grace and sufficiency. I pray our hearts and eyes will open wide willingly and with deep adoration see You at work and to join You in each place you lead. I pray Holy Spirit that You will inspire us and lead us to open the Bible and let You pour Your Word into us like never before. I pray this season of Coronavirus will turn for our good so well and so much that the Evil One will be sorry he ever messed with us. Papa, there are people, if not already, very soon will be hurting for money; for food, rent, car payments and so much more because businesses are closed and paychecks are halted. I ask You to open up provisions for each. And those who are already ill, I ask that You heal them. Please boost immune systems, please get the medicines needed to those who need it and to others, please just touch them and heal them I pray.  I pray we will not miss You in all this; not miss the good and holy things You want to do in our lives and not miss the good that we can do for one another. Mainly, I ask that we individually will accept Your invitation for deeper intimacy with You and Your Word and with those we are privileged to weather this storm with. All this I ask Papa GOD in YESHUA’s sweet, holy name.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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