Day of Grace

Friday is upon us!


John 13 so rich, So full! 
Whatever Translation you choose. 
For me, I am SO enjoying my Complete Jewish Bible for these Chapter readings.

I shared some thoughts with Friends on my Facebook Page; I have an additional thought to share here with you.

21 After saying this, Yeshua, in deep anguish of spirit, declared, “Yes, indeed! I tell you that one of you will betray me.” 

Now if you have read verse 3, I think you would be settled in believing that Yeshua KNEW who He was; He was secure in His GOD/MANhood. 

May I say to you, His deep anguish of spirit was not because His feelings were hurt that Judas was about to turn Him over to a Kangeroo Court that would lead to His death?
He loved Judas. 
His deep anguish of spirit was not ‘after all I have done for him and he can treat me like this!’ 

No. Jesus’ deep anguish of spirit, I believe, was that Judas was lost and was about to be longer redeemable. 

27 As soon as Y’hudah took the piece of matzah, the Adversary went into him. “What you are doing, do quickly!” Yeshua said to him.

Do you see it?
The Adversary went into him. 

We are not talking demon possession here. No.
This is Satan possession!
I think Satan will do that one more time before he is finally put away — when he enters the Anti-Christ.  (but that’s another lesson)

Did Judas do this of his own free will? 

And it gave Jesus deep anguish in His spirit — again, He loved Judas. 

He loves YOU. 
And IF you can still hear Holy Spirit offering you the gifts of repentance and salvation from death, sin, hell, and the grave  — it’s NOT too late for you — You have not yet sinned away your day of grace! 

We must know who we are in Jesus so our feelings get hurt a whole lot less and we learn to grieve a whole lot more over sin and the lostness of people without Jesus.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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