I came here with a copy and paste from my Facebook page comment and as I did I realized I had read the wrong chapter for today’s Planner Reading. 

Well, I shall offer you all my oops anyway – for your taking, or not. 

Verse 1 there is actual sexual sin reported among you he said. Wow.
Have you noticed sexual sex is no longer reported among us; rather, by and large, it is accepted as acceptable?
How displeased GOD must be!
Church discipline – verses 1-5.

How many of us long for practicing Christiandom to be holy?

Verse 8 – Don’t we want to live in purity and truth? And if we don’t why don’t we?

This whole chapter!

So very plain.
So very plain how far from purity and truth the professing church has strayed.
Like — the chapter reads we are not talking about the world here, we are talking about people who profess to love JESUS.
What a chapter!

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