KWT’s Back Page Musings

Flawed and fallible human I am, from time to 
time I vent. That's what this page is - a 
home for my thoughts and woes perhaps not 
worthy of front-page but a few pages back 
will do. 
February 18, 2021


February 28, 2023

Something new. Watch if you please. And thank you. 


January 22, 2023

We live in a dark world and none of us perfectly perceive The LIGHT in this darkness. 

Some live in utter darkness having perceived nothing of JESUS Who is The LIGHT Who is available to remove darkness. 

To the degree that we have learned JESUS, and have perceived Him is the degree of darkness that has been removed from our individual living here. 


January 20, 2023

The world is full of comedians making sport of sacred privileges turned into burdens by self-centered, self-absorbed people.
The rearing of children, in particular. 

December 21, 2022

I just got to say it somewhere so for now it is here. I would go to Facebook but well, no sense bringing the dragon down on me too soon. 🙂 

I’m here with some unsolicited advice but that does not mean it’s not good.
I think it’s sound and worthy of acceptance.

Going forward, Children of the Most High, anything the government tells you to do that is not already signed into Law AND is not based on the Commands of GOD as recorded for us in His Word to us, do NOT comply.
If the Government and the Elites of the world population are telling you to do it, it is NOT in your best interest and it may kill you.  The New World Order is breathing down the necks of the populace and there is nothing good coming from the NWO. 

Remember if the Elites, the Media, the Entertainment Industry (from digital screening to Amusement park venues), the CDC, WHO, NHI, or any Branch thereof, and all agencies of DC — if these entities are dictating it to you, it is NOT for your well-being. 

The days are upon us when we the Children of Our CREATOR GOD must more than ever gather together, support one another, and pray, pray, pray for one another. 


November 12, 2022

I do agree with the man.

In most marriages, the list of 4 that he gave is indeed what women want most.

I also know any woman who wants HER needs met will NOT get them as long as she sits with her arms folded and lips pursed waiting for her man to get with the program.

That doesn’t work in GOD’s Kingdom nor with most men.

A verse comes to mind:
Proverbs 18:24  King James Version   
24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

It’s the principle I am going for in this.
If you want a friend, be a friend.

The woman who wants her 4 needs met must meet her husband’s 2 main needs.
And the question is why do I have to go first?

And the answer is —
You are the one who brought it up and since you did, GOD is giving you the answer.

To get your legitimate needs met GOD’s way – meet your husband’s needs.

You don’t want them to be met GOD’s way?
Then you will go from man to man and be left wanting.

What are the 2 main needs of a husband?
Please check out the link to Respect.

November 1, 2022

There must be something more exquisite, meaningful and eternally purposed about the female body than anyone of us has comprehended from the Mind and Purpose of GOD.

Why else would the evil one incite and enlist films, movies, advertisers, clothing manufacturers, and anyone I left out, to exploit women and their bodies; to bring bare cleavage to every digital screen possible especially when less showing would be even more impressive and honoring to the woman?
And it’s not just cleavage it is the back side and thighs too exploited everywhere.
Oh how grieved The LORD of Heaven must be with earth’s people.
Albeit, He did promise to destroy not people again with a flood of water – but HE did also promise His wrath would again fall upon the unbelieving.

What prompted this?
We have a new movie venue this season; a venue that has billed itself to be family-friendly and it is more so from what I have seen thus far – even the products given Ad time so far are more family-friendly. 
And yet there is still unnecessarily bare cleavage. 
Alas sinners, sin. 

July 8, 2022

I am. Well, I’m not sure how I am at this moment, but I am at this screen putting words on it. 


It’s no wonder to me why the un-churched, un-saved do not trust JESUS — They have no concept that they need to be saved.

Saved from what they can say. I live as good as you, they can say of the average churched person.

And they do!

Why is that?

Why do churched (in person or online) people entertain themselves and participate in society the same as the un-churched or the un-professing people?

What difference does JESUS make to them or in them?

For sure, for sure the REAL JESUS transforms EVERY person He saves.

Read your Bible.
In it, you will find Every person who trusted JESUS was changed – from Night to Day.

When The REAL JESUS walks into a Dwelling, HE turns on The Light.
HE is The LIGHT.
And when HE is in the Dwelling He is seen because in Him is no darkness at all! (1 John 1:5)

A closing Thought: BUTS.
Buts change when the REAL JESUS abides in a person.
Watch for it.
Give godly counsel to the unrepentant and you will hear a but followed by an excuse why your counsel won’t work or why they can’t change.

I am listening for some BUT GOD SAID to be spoken by some people who are abiding in The REAL JESUS.

January 22, 2022

Just a little reminder. It’s on my mind today. 

If the Hiding in Plain Sight Elites, The Bought and Paid for Media, The Entertainment Industry, and yes Mainstream Medical Industry are clamoring for us to do _____________________ (whatever), the chances are nil and none that it is in our best interest to do it! 

January 21, 2022

It seems a large number of people do not know that living this one life we get here is not the purpose of life here. 

Absolutely. Read that again. It makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

These short threescore and ten are not for us to dwindle or diddle away.
Nor are they for us to acquire all we can of this earth’s trappings and distractions.
So many of us are bedazzled by man’s inventions ranging from helpful to damning.
This pursuit of needs and comforts and extravagance is blinding us to real living; to what matters more and most. What does matter more and most to you? 

Do you know?
Is it worthy of eternity? 
Don’t be annoyed with me — I’m asking myself the same questions!

The Bible says the Children of GOD will never die   John 11:26   — our bodies will but who we are in CHRIST never dies. 

But what about those who are NOT children of GOD — what about them?

The Bible says they are dead in trespasses and sins — they never live.  (Ephesians 2:1-8)
Even while breathing earth’s oxygen they are yet dead and when their bodies die their souls continue to die forevermore. 

Who cares about that? 
Really? Who cares about them? 

JESUS does!
Do any of us? 

And are any of us who shall never die willing to learn to love the dying to LIFE?
I think perhaps we don’t have much time left to learn — and perhaps neither do they have much time left to choose LIFE. 

January 19, 2022

I lifted a post from Facebook. I am withholding the identity for privacy purposes, of course. 
But I am here to VENT.

Here is how the post read:

“We had a party planned for tomorrow to celebrate Mother’s 100th birthday. Today she tested positive for Covid even though she has been vaccinated and boosted. She has no symptoms but she has to be quarantined for ten days. That said, no party tomorrow. I will visit with her tomorrow in full isolation gear. We will reschedule her party for a few weeks down the road. Happy Birthday, Mother, . . . “

I tell you only GOD Himself can make hell hot enough for those in charge of this plandemic (if they do not repent before they leave this earth; and, I sincerely hope they do repent before it is too late for them!)! 

January 17, 2022

Admittedly I think a bit unconventionally. I’m good with it. I even appreciate it. 
The house was a little stuffy for me on this cool, crisp morning.
Too cool and crisp for a long walk (in my crocs) but a venture outside for some moments was just necessary.  So I did. Several round trips of the driveway.
And silly me wondered what my neighbors thought of it but I got over it. 🙂

Such an environment is conducive to thinking. A kaleidoscope of thoughts. 
One thread was how reluctant we have been and still are to mix and mingle with one another. We think twice about a lunch date. We think twice about hugs. Just two years ago life was different. 

I didn’t know conditioning was so easy. I truly didn’t. 
But 15 days in March of 2020 gave us decisive evidence. 

Yet it’s not always so easy – this conditioning I mean. 
Some conditioning takes determined effort for an extended time. Like kicking destructive habits. 

And then there is Yielding to GOD. 
That is a form of conditioning too you know. 

Do you know what I wish? 
That people would be as willing to be easily and quickly conditioned by GOD as they were/are to be conditioned by the gods of Covid

I have many more thoughts on that but I think I shall leave it right there for you to think on it, if you will. 

Good Monday Morning, my Friends.

P.S. This is a dangerous world, we are being CONDITIONED to hate one another; the vaxed to hate the unvaxed.
GOD does not condition us that way, you know. Or do you? 

January 14, 2022

Each and every one of us ARE born with a vile, 100% fatal condition that few are concerned about.
Moreover, there is a 100% never ever fail CURE and few will take it!

But people line up in droves to take multiple injections of unknown chemicals that are proving to be ineffective by design, I believe, so as to require more and more injections. 

Go figure! 

And I believe time will reveal that many, perhaps most of the deaths accounted to Covid were either not primarily caused by covid or were caused by medical protocol and neglect. That too by design in my humble opinion. 

January 7, 2022
How’s this for a sobering thought?
The Powers that Be in this world as evidenced by their actions have carnal minds. Carnal minds are making laws, dishing out mandates, and castrating The Constitution.
Even so, the Mind of Christ is neither paralyzed with fear nor eaten up with anger and rage. Why? Because the Mind and Heart STAYED on Christ knows whatever stupid or evil things done in this world, The Father will see us through to the other side.
Be encouraged, my Friends, yes this society is hell-bent BUT GOD will NEVER abandon His Own.

Dig in and thrive in this demonized time.

I was privy to a conversation today.
He hopes the Supreme Court will do the right thing.
She confesses her only hope is that GOD will see her through to the other side of whatever stupid, evil, hell-inspired things mankind does period in this time of 2022.
December 13, 2021

As people in general we are so uncomfortable living without a Script that we just won’t do it.
We want next, next, all laid out — like morning worship time at church.
No surprises, no interruptions.
Just clicking right along.

And so day in and day out we rock along with our Scripts.
And yet The SCRIPT, The Scripture from THE LIVING GOD we leave unopened, unheeded, and disobeyed. 
Why is that? 

December 11, 2021

O Pastors you have spiritual blood on your hands when you tell your congregation to abide by government mandates (unconstitutional mandates, I might add; NOT laws) instead of edifying and training your congregation with SCRIPTURE.

What would the Apostle Paul say if he were here and told to wear a mask, take a jab, stay home, be afraid, don’t touch people, stay 6 feet apart because making sure you don’t contract a virus that will NOT kill you unless GOD says you have finished your ministry here is the most IMPORTANT thing in our society?
Yes. Presently, if we listen to the government and the media we certainly perceive they want us to believe covid vaccines (which are not vaccines but some unknown experimental injection or are they – perhaps they know the injections will kill people) are more important than anything else; right along with climate change and their great reset, they plan to have in place by 2030. 

July 4, 2021

There are Covid Nazis among us.

The most prominent in my circle are Corporations requiring unvaccinated employees to continue to wear masks.

Such requirements have the same purpose as the yellow stars in Hitler’s Germany.

Requiring unvaccinated employees to wear masks is a malicious attempt to shame, coerce, violate their free will, and to enlist others to berate their free-thinking co-workers into violating their own conscience and their bodies with an undesired chemical concoction.

Moreover, where’s the Science?

Since we are told these so-called vaccines are so effective, what worries do the vaccinated have? They are in no danger of contracting COVID or a variant from those who have not taken the JAB, are they? If there continues to be a danger for them, what good is the vaccine?

Obviously the unvaccinated are not living in fear of one another. Hence, they certainly have no need for masks.

Yes indeed. The mask has become a yellow star in America so the Elite can identify those insisting they have brains enough to think for themselves.


June 2, 2021

Father, You know the crimes against humanity, the lies which continue to be spoken, and the heinous deeds that have been done by prominent people, people whose faces appear on our digital screens every day. You know what they have done, who they are, and where they live.

Moreover, You are GOD. You are just. You are completely holy. So it seems at the least, ridiculous to me for me to continue to fret over this because You are surely doing right by them and by me.

I am confident and comforted that You see all and that You neither wink nor go soft on sin.
So, by Your grace and with Your help I am turning these people over to You for whatever you choose to do, to either redeem them or allow them to go to hell as they choose.
Thank You. I am grateful You are just and neither vengeance nor worry belongs to me.
Amen and amen in The Name of Yeshua HaMashiach.

May 19, 2021

I’ve heard it said that vaccine passports are un-American.
And I agree but for me, that’s not the real atrocity.

You see for me vaccine passports, that is businesses, employers, airlines, you name it refusing service absent proof of the COVID JAB is unholy and ungodly.

Yes, unholy and ungodly. That is what I said.

GOD ALMIGHTY The CREATOR does not force His will on His OWN Creation and yet we have unregenerate humans telling other humans what they must do. And in the words of Joe Biden himself, those who do not take the vaccine will pay the price.

These are heinous times.
Are better days ahead?
Yes. But not soon – not until the Days when Yeshua HaMashiach, THE GODMAN is ruling from the Throne of David.
Until then – Security, Truth, Honesty, and any good thing will ONLY be found through obedience and allegiance to JESUS CHRIST The RIGHTEOUS.
So if you are playing at being a Follower of JESUS, you will find the approaching times more difficult than you are prepared to live.
You see as detrimental to human freedom as is this present administration, America’s pending dismantling, and destruction is due to PRESENT, PRACTICING SIN of not only those in Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court (and Lower Courts) but of We the People, particularly people professing Jesus and yet who live their day to day existence no differently than any moral person on the street that has no to claim to salvation.
The professing American Church by and large is an Entertainment Center that throws in just enough talk about Jesus to collect tithes and offerings.
Next 🙂

At this point, I don’t care what Washington is saying — it’s all rubbish; not fit for human consumption. Washington is people full of themselves and void of allegiance to THE GOD who is waiting . . . for today. Tomorrow? Remains to be seen when His grace runs out for the Anti-Christ living done here.  

February 22, 2021

I was venting to Adonai this morning, and something I would love to tell the world came to mind. 
We. That’s you and me. We, individually, independently.
I am responsible for what I say – angry or calm when I say it and I am responsible for what I do.
Notwithstanding, I may be influenced by others, even so, I am responsible for what I DO.

I am not responsible for what any other person in this entire world has ever done or will do – past, present, or future. (Hopefully, I have influenced a few to choose GOD.)
So, I am responsible for MY decisions. Not yours.
I am responsible for MY actions. Not yours.

The only thing I OWE you is to love you.
I don’t owe you an education.
I don’t owe you a house.
I don’t owe you food.
I don’t owe you clothing.
I don’t owe you an apology for the color of my skin or anything else about me for which I had NO control over.
I.e. where I was born.
To whom I was born.
When I was born.
Male or female.
The color of my eyes.
The color/texture of my birth hair.
How big my ears.
How long or short my legs and arms.
We are judged sometimes daily on these things for which we have NO RESPONSIBILITY.
I did not make ONE of the foregoing choices for myself.
Neither did you, for you. 
Why is it a cultural sin for me to accept these things about myself and refuse to allow myself to be ashamed of either of them?
Why does this culture say I must hate who I am to prove to you that I don’t hate you?
The Bible says
I am to OWE you NOTHING except to love you and HE gets to decide what that love looks like. Romans 13:8
He decides.
Not me.
Not you.
Not the government.

IF HOLY SPIRIT says give
(to you whatever HE chooses that to be) I then OWE it to HIM to give to YOU.

The government of the Un-United States has played god for so many decades and in the process has ruined more than a couple generations of humans.
Today our Land is sick, sick, sick with people pointing fingers, holding signs, and screaming – you owe me.
I would to GOD each of us would ask what do I owe You, GOD?
An obedient response to what HE says would heal this sick Land. 
February 18, 2021

Racism does not live in the obedient Body of Christ.
When people hold their identity in who they are in CHRIST the color of their skin is pigment. Their predominant culture is Scripture. Their likes and dislikes give way to what does The Scripture say. The character of the person, how that person relates to the Savior decides all things.

The earthly nation of origin or the color of one’s skin is nothing to be grasped and made much to do about, not to be prized and held up for applause.
The worth of the soul, every soul, is found in the PRICE YESHUA paid to deliver one, anyone, from eternal damnation. Thus racism is no more.
And so until person after person comes to this reality racism is stirred and grows. That growth is by design. The designer is Satan. No wonder racism is so evil and unconfined.
Racism lives in the heart of every soul whose identity is the color of their skin.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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