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I stepped on the scales this morning and immediately breathed an out loud sigh of relief, even delight. Had I lost weight? No. But I hadn’t gained any either!! Yes, there’s more to the story. Last week, I think it was, I stepped on the scales and there it was. A figure I had hoped not to see again. No, I am not going to tell you. But I will tell you this much. It is only 2 pounds less than when I delivered my Baby Girl, 30 something years ago. Anyway, lets move on to today’s observation. As I said when the scales read . . . I determined for the umpteenth time but this time once and for all (I pledge; you are my witnesses) that I would cut back and in time I would see that figure drop. And so in a few days, I was delighted with an almost 3 pound loss. Fluid, I am sure but hey, I’ll take it! Each day since the determination I have made choices: No, I will not eat that but I will eat this. And no, I will not eat that amount but I will eat this amount. And I am adjusting.
And then last night came an opportunity to meet with dear friends for supper. Oh what an opportunity to load up on calories – garlic bread sticks. Ymmm! I couldn’t resist. Could I? I mean how often do I get this chance? You know the mental rationalizing. Or do you? So, I didn’t and I did – resist that is. I had one small portion of one bread stick. And as the meal and sweet fellowship progressed, I made other choices; both in portion size and less calorie foods as opposed to higher calorie foods. With the evening complete and me not so sure I had done that well with my choices, we came home and in the quiet of the night before sleep a little gnawing thought began: ‘you’ll be up in the morning’. I awoke dreading the scale and entertained skipping it. Glad I didn’t! This is not my initial observation about which I intended to write but now that it has come to mind, here goes. Those things you are putting off because of dread – go ahead and do them. You may get a surprise. It may not be as bad as you have imagined.
Now back to the beginning; I breathed an out loud sigh of relief, even delight when the scale read the same as it had for two other mornings. And my next thought: Yeah!! I got by with last night! I can’t believe it! Thank You! Thank You! And on the heels of that came today’s observation. How often do we think because we got by with it last night, we have a license to ‘fudge’ today too? But, of course, we only think that way about ‘white’ sins. You know – eating stuff we don’t need, not exercising, squandering time, etc. I use these as examples because I have been repeatedly guilty of them. We apply the ‘fudge’ to these ‘lapses in judgment’ but not to the big, black, immoral sins, right? We shun the big, black immoral ones and that’s GREAT. Let’s keep shunning those! So I have determined for today, no ‘fudge’ – no fudging on food choices or food portions because I know fudging even a little today would certainly show up tomorrow. May I be blunt with a spiritual application? ‘Fudge’ thinking is CARNAL thinking. And you know what Father God says about carnal thinking.
Oh, I’ve got to tell you this! As I have been preparing this IDOK, Josh and Isabel have been playing here in my office and Josh just asked if he could have a Dr. Pepper and I said yes. He retrieved the Dr. Pepper from the kitchen and Isabel came with a bottle of water. She informed Josh that what he was drinking was not good for him (PLEASE bear in mind, they do not know the subject of this IDOK) and Josh dryly and promptly replied: “At least it doesn’t have any fat in it.” Is God AWESOME or what?! — Out of the mouth of babes – a perfect example of ‘fudging’. Shall we ‘watch’ that stuff in our lives for Jesus sake?
Romans 8: 6 For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. 7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. 8 So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God.
Galatians 6: 7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. 8 For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.
Abba, I love it when You do this! Thank You. You are AWESOME – no fudge! You are so much fun in Your Holiness. Thank You. Take this IDOK with its seriousness and its fun and use it to help and encourage each IDOK and each reader to see the joy of doing right and in time reap the benefits. Help us see fudging as the enemy of our souls that it is. And Father, help them not read into this a non-flexibility as to food portions and food choices because we know from Your Word You do give times of Feasting. Abba, we want to be balanced, holy servants. And we are counting on You Holy Spirit to bring us to maturity in this. Thank You for the blessing of no nausea that You have given Bernie. I ask You for continued blessings and healing for Bernie. I ask You for a successful surgery for Steve. And as I look over this list, some of these are long standing request, names that have been with us even years. Thank You for what You have done for them and for what You will yet do. And in these situations and circumstances or trials for which we are still waiting, give hope, give strength to wait on You; give courage to stay the course or see an alternate course as You will for them. Thank You for the continued protection You have given our IDOK Troops. Lord, You are AWESOME. Your Grace is more than amazing. Remind them today to trust You and fudge not. Continue to protect Israel and bring Her to Peace. Forgive America and Lord bring revival to us. Move us as Your children to speak and practice Your Ways. You know I am still concerned for America; for the evil, the stupidity, the sin and corruption that is daily broadcast. I ask You Abba for mercy. I ask You Holy Spirit for conviction, for grace and space to repent. And if You can use IDOK to help, please do. Again, I pled with You to show the ‘true colors’ of the presidential candidates and open the eyes of people to see and give them the courage to put away pride and change their minds for Jesus sake. Thank You for each IDOK. Bless them abundantly; call us all to worship, not just on Sunday but every moment. Amen and amen.
As I post this it is 85°F and clear in Al Asad, IQ & the time there is 6:17 AM AST – on July 25, 2008
Internet Daughters of the KING
His Ministry to You

And no, I didn’t eat the candy after photographing it. I decided to re-wrap it, keep it on my desk and one day when I have ‘earned’ it, I’ll savor every bite! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend.

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