Milk Toast

I asked ABBA a question this morning; we are still discussing it.

ABBA, have we as Western people made You into a milk-toast God – a God Who is no longer Just or capable of being angry at sin or sinners?

Isn’t it true that healthy people separate themselves from close fellowship with others who do them harm? Is GOD not smart enough to do that too? Perhaps a few verses related to fellowship would shed some light. Click HERE.

Why would we want a GOD that does not punish (or at the least warn and correct folks committing) sin? Why would we want a GOD Who is all love, the sappy kind that says “oh any thing you want to do is fine with me; I’ll even stand here and applaud as you do what I have revealed in My Word is deadly for you?” What kind of soul wants that kind of GOD? What kind of parent does that to their children? What kind of society does that to itself? 

Has the Western society at large come to the place its people want no GOD or perhaps a GOD that bows to the people instead of the people bowing to Him in love and obedience? 

Thoughts? Answers?

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GOD has made The Way ~ ~ ~ Kathie

7 Replies to “Milk Toast”

  1. What a timely question! I’ve been asking similar questions myself lately. I teach in a small school with a great group of teacher colleagues–a mix of atheists, Muslims, agnostics, and a few Christians. Lately, I’ve been aghast as some of my colleagues, mainly non-Christians but a few who say they are, have shared their beliefs and opinions–completely opposite to traditional Christian values.

    And no, we Christians do not want a milk-toast God. In the book of James, we learn that every good gift is from God. That means everything, every single good thing that America has been blessed with all these years has come from God. The non-Christians don’t understand that they have been the recipients of God’s good gifts as well.

    Because of the anti-Christian decisions in our country in recent years, our not-milk-toast God must lift His hand of blessing. It may seem like punishment to some, but mostly right now it’s simply the withdrawal of the blessings that we’ve gotten used to.

    Thank you for this post. I enjoyed reading it and the previous comments. I join my fervent prayers with you who are praying for revival and a turning back to God!

  2. A milk toast God? Definitely that phrase is an attention-getter! Yes I think our society views God, if they think of Him at all, as a God of love. But their idea of love is not true love. A true Holy love would do all it could to keep us from harming ourselves. Sin harms, in fact, it kills.

    If only the world could see the truth ….

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Loft today and making us think!

  3. There you are, my sweet friend. Making me think again. The truth is there are those who want and need a strong God and those who don’t. When we face who we are – dust and ashes – then the fact He wants to correct us with such a great love humbles us and we yield. Many are deceived to think: “Hey! God! Who do you think you are?” when it is God who says, “Little man/woman! Who do you think you are?” Those who do not fear the Lord think Him “milk toast”. Sad, but true. I couldn’t have expressed it the way you did and I’m glad you did. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Chris. I’m sparse on line in this season of life. I miss my Blog Family when I am absent so these little respites are particularly sweet to me. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Your comments, all the comments, today have given me encouragement and my soul is smiling. 😊❤️

  4. Your thoughts are thoughts I have had floating around inside my head too. I have not written them, yet I feel them. I wonder too? I truly want our God to discipline us when we are the smallest bit off the path He has planned for us. I want Him to love us despite ourselves, yet show us where we have gone wrong. I also want us — me — to be obedient and know the wrong I have done and am doing. I want to seek His face. Oh, that this country, this world would seek the face of God. I pray that all will come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord. Such a HUGE prayer but so is our God. Thank you for asking these vital questions. Glad you are my neighbor at the Loft.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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