Got Clean Hands?


Twenty of Twenty Five – A Great Recipe:
20- However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

About a year or so ago, I think, I was sitting in the parking lot of a local store applying GermX to my hands before diving into a small bag of chips and you may recall that an IDOK came from that incident.
I think another IDOK is forming from another hand cleaning experience.
Recently I was attending a meeting and perchance one sitting close by retrieved a bottle of GermX from her purse and refreshed her hands. It was such a pleasant fragrance, a clean smell. And I thought of my own hands; they needed cleaning too. As the meeting continued, I continued to listen but the urge to clean my hands was dominating my thoughts. Even though I was listening and participating in the discussion – I wanted to clean my hands! It was like I just could not wait for a break in the flow of conversation so I could get up, get my own bottle of GermX and clean my hands. If my vocabulary were not so feeble I could convey to you the urgency I felt. It wasn’t that I could not function in the meeting, it wasn’t that I ignored the discussion; it’s just that getting my hands clean was just ‘so there’ in my thoughts.
No, this is not a lesson on the power of suggestion, although certainly it can be applied. It is a spiritual application that I hope to communicate to you here.
As I have continued to think about the occurrence, I really want the Holy Spirit to grow in me that kind of longing, that kind of ‘desperation’ for Jesus. It was so clear to me that day (and still is today) if I were as ‘set on’ Jesus, pleasing Him and knowing Him and obeying Him and hearing from Him as I was to get my hands cleaned, there’s no telling how satisfying and exciting and edifying and helpful to others my life would be!! Sitting there smelling that clean, lingering fragrance and seeing myself almost like a third party observer would, I am now treasuring the incident and praying for that kind of ‘gotta have it’ to be re-created in me again and again; but this time for Jesus, not a hand sanitizer. But come to think of it Jesus is the best ‘hand sanitizer’, isn’t He? And not just our hands but our minds, hearts, our whole being, isn’t He? Can you relate or have I just been smelling GermX too long?
James 4:
8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.
2 Samuel 22:
21 “The LORD rewarded me according to my righteousness;
According to the cleanness of my hands
He has recompensed me.
22 For I have kept the ways of the LORD,
And have not wickedly departed from my God.
Psalm 24:
3 Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD?
Or who may stand in His holy place?
4 He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol,
Nor sworn deceitfully.
5 He shall receive blessing from the LORD,
And righteousness from the God of his salvation.
Job 17: (NCV)
9 But those who do right will continue to do right,
And those whose hands are not dirty with sin will grow stronger.

Please note we are adding Joan to our list today. Joan has been battling cancer for 2 years; her pain at this time is beyond description. Pray for her.
An update on Joshua – he too is battling for his life; his family says: PLEASE keep praying w/us, no matter where you are. It doesn’t look good for him, but I know that God can & does work miracles. Joshua really needs one right now.

ABBA, I don’t know what all You want to do with this devotion. You know it has come to mind often since it happened. I really think it applies. I think if I had such an urgency as that, such an ‘I want this’ drive in me for You, You could do so much more through me. Is this the answer to building a ‘fire’ in me; building a fire in Your Church? If so, confirm it; not just to me but to our IDOKs; to Your Body. And Holy Spirit – do this in us. We cannot do it ourselves. We cannot change us, only You can do this for us.
And do this too, Lord, comfort Joan and alleviate her pain; reveal Yourself to her just like she needs You to and Joshua too and his family. They are hurting. And they are not the only ones on our list who are hurting and seeking and wanting to be well and whole again. In one way or another we all are.
Thank You for clean hands; help us submit to more and more washings. Comfort and care for our IDOK Troops today – keep their hands clean in this war; direct their steps; guard their minds, bodies and spirits and as soon as possible bring them home.
And Lord, for Your own glory and for the good of the world, expose the dirty hands in this Country and bring them to repentance if at all possible. I don’t know the outcome of this November election; I am glad You do and I am glad You will still be my DADDY GOD however it shakes out. I pray enough folks will heed what You have said in Your Word and will vote that way, if they do McCain and Palin will win this thing. And if not, I know You will be with us. I know You are not worried and with Your help we will not either. Thank You for Israel; thank You for the Peace You have planned for them. It excites me that one day it will be so. Thank You for the reminder You gave me yesterday of the 144,000 of them that will one day preach Your Gospel. I love that ABBA. And Lord Jesus, You said surely I come quickly, even so come Lord Jesus.
Economic conditions, especially the effects it has upon the minds and hearts of people. Unspoken Requests – situations so close you can only speak to Father about. JOAN. Jodi H. David T. Kimberly. Shay and Emma’s Kids (orphanage in Zambia) Ministry. Susan D. Jason A and his mother. Melinda H. Trisha. Patti’s Family. George. Brennan and his family. Joshua. Branson. The O’Brien family. Brooklyn. Families and communities hit by Gustav and Ike. Jacqueline and her boys, River and Jackson. Kim and her Fiancee. Jonathan. Mabel’s Aunt Lou. Heather and Brandon. Bernie. Darlene and Torkel. Edie G. Rachel. W C and family. Maggie and Family. Dylan. Joseph Toomey and Family. DeLois. Terri. Kim T. Kevin and the children. Katelyn (B). Janie B. Vickie. J Lloyd and family. Janet and Steve. Cathy. Caleb and family. Bay and family. Jennifer B. John and Carolyn and Family. Larry and Claudia and family. Taylor & family. David & Allison. Jeanette and Earl and family. Callie. Madie. Ruth. Cynthia. Martha F and Bob. Allyson and Glyn and family. Brittney and Kersten and family. Sheila and Andy. Carrie and Rachel and Jacob and family. Billy and Gina and boys. Lance and family. Grace and family. Tressa. Brad, Lindsay, Karah and Haley. Chuck. Windy and Jared and families. Helen and Dan and family. Jen and Larry and family. Chad and Brittany and family. Mollie and family. Julia. Bobbie. Tj. Zack. Phillip. Jessica. Larry. Kayla. Trey. Jacob. Ashely. Lance. Candance and Family. Laura and family. John and Sandy. Bill and Judy. Andrew and Daughters. Lee. Sharron and family, Linda and family, Bev and Family, Mollie B. Public and Private School Teachers.
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IDOK Troops leaving shortly for foreign soil: Richard M. Brandon B.
Serving Stateside: Jonathan. Jasmine B. Tommy T. Shaun. Bay. Danny. Lee. George.Travis N. Hawk.
Injured and brought State side: Anthony.
Hospitalized: Captain Tran
Military at home adjusting – Tim. Mack. The 226. Troy. Brad. Tommy. Desi. Edward J. Lyndon A. Jason G.
Still praying but no recent update: Hector. Corpl. Light. Bradley T. Albert R III.
Justin G.on his way home end of the month!!
The Peace of Israel.
Revival in America.
November’s Election.

As I post this it is 64°F and clear in Al Asad, IQ & the time there is 7:04 AM AST – on October 21, 2008
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