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Little Bitty


(Warning, Today’s is a LONG one.)

Romans 12 NIV

5 so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

Let me tell you a short story and give you an application. Last week I determined I needed to snip the ends of my hair and so I did; however, my hair was not all I snipped. It did not seem significant at first, I wasn’t sure that I had actually nipped the skin of my hand between my middle finger and ring finger, but it turned out that I had. Still I thought it was not much and it would be fine. I expected little to no pain or discomfort. I was wrong! And as the area became red and sore with radiating pain, Scripture came to mind and this analogy. Lets say that little nick to my hand represents a sin and my hand represents the Body of Christ. I’ll say it again, initially I thought the cut was insignificant. I did not expect it to affect any other portion of my hand or fingers, it just did not seem serious enough to cause reaching discomfort or pain. Do you see where I am going with this? No member of the Body of Christ is so insignificant or so obscure that his or her sin will not affect, causing pain and discomfort to, other members of the Body. Even as I was surprised at the amount of and the length of time I had that radiating pain from that tiny nip, we may be surprised at the Bema (I Corinthians 3:12-15) just how much pain and grief our ‘little bitty’ sins did to the Body of Christ. And by the same token, those little bitty good things we do that we think benefits or influences No One, there at the Judgment Seat of Jesus we will find out just how much holy influence we had. Are you now encouraged to sin less and do as much good as you can even when you think no one is watching? Me too! And yes my hand is healing up nicely – only slight discomfort ever now and then now. Oh the Grace of God that heals the wounds of His Body!!

One more thing before we go to prayer. I have not asked Leslie but I am trusting she will not mind, I just want to share with you some of the report she gave to me from she and Tom’s mission trip a couple weeks ago. In it you will find things about which to pray and I hope it will encourage us to find missions of our own to embrace at whatever level and wherever ABBA directs and supplies. I am more and more thinking that hands on mission work and if not with our own hands but helping send other hands is a calling I want to more and more embrace. I am thinking just maybe ABBA is opening my heart to some things and I pray I will discern Him and follow Him whole heartedly.

We, and I mean we, are still on a high from the work we did for the Oneida Baptist Institute. Seeing the selflessness of the people who work there to help these students was wonderful. Could we do that, I think not. We are under his blood, yet, our skin and mind betray us. I’ve never worked harder and I’ve heard Tom tell lots of people about the school. Please pray for the school as they depend on gifts to feed them and provide scholarships for the children to attend. We felt that it was a strain to feed about 100 Alabamian. They do a great job. This is the largest group that comes and they save lots of work for this group. Tom, Ray Van Slykes, Gene and a man from Ohio floored a second story onto the existing storeroom and built lots of shelves to put their supplies. They keep a well stocked maintenance facility, including shop with every tool imaginable. The Campers on Mission worked on the facilities located on school grounds and homes gifted to them in other areas. They have over 600 acres in corn for their farm, pigs, goats & cows, and to sell. In another location they have been gifted 1800 acres of hillside timber which one fellow has been cutting for 20 years and is about 3/4 complete. This ruff cut lumber is what the men used in their building. They do not waste anything. The school has a wonderful computer room and students that have made it to famed colleges. These students backgrounds are local, foreign and troubled. The troubled sometimes have guardians instead of parents. I pray for those students. Sandra and I worked in the sewing room and helped make 640 bread covers, 29 sandbags for the drama department, and over 30 sets of 2 curtains for the girls dorm. Sandra was gifted by a friend two pickup loads of drapery material and we used everything she could put in her motor home and they purchased more. Women were pinning, ironing, etc. They would just hand me a piece and said seam it here. The machine that I was gifted worked 5-6 hrs. per day. We also on our off time used some of the material not suited for curtains to cut out crude stockings. These will go to south Texas and into Mexico for the children who live in garbage dumps, etc. They put a small toy and a few crayons in them. Pray for this ministry to receive the toys they need.

Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

Some IDOKs are traveling this weekend and some even into next week; our prayers are appreciated.

Update on Roy: He is home for a time but the infection is stubborn, doctors are giving more antibiotics, waiting for a change to do more surgery. Please know that Roy and Julee need every prayer we can offer.

On a personal family note, Labs came back for Larry – cancer was contained and they got it ALL!! We are praising the LORD and just ecstatic about this news!! Thank you for praying for those unspoken(s)!

ABBA, what I can I say, I am again amazed at what You do in this ministry. Only self imposed blind ignorance would deny that You are God and You are Good. I pray to be more and more mindful that those ‘little’ sins that few or even no one, other than You and the Angels see, still affect me and in turn others in Your Body, LORD Jesus. I don’t want to forget this lesson and I want it to inspire all our IDOKs, including me, to be aware that nothing about what we think or do or say is insignificant to You. This is good; thank You. Please keep our IDOK Troops safe and protected again today and please at the appointed time bring them home safe and sound to their families. You know when I got the news regarding Roy and Julee, I just didn’t know what to say, I still don’t. There are those on our list that are suffering so much and to us it has gone on and on, it seems endless to us, and yet we know You are Good and we pray that every soul suffering here will KNOW Your Presence and find, even as crazy as it sounds, the suffering to be worth it just to have Your Manifested Nearness in this suffering. But still that being prayed, ABBA, we’d still like for You to heal them even this side of Heaven if You will. And as I think over it You have done some Awesome healings within this ministry – thank You for allowing us the privilege of being a part of it. Words fail to say how delighted I am with Larry’s report. Thank You. I ask You for traveling mercies and, Holy Spirit, would You make appointments along the way for our IDOK Travelers to be Your Touch to others along the way. I’d like that so much. I love You, ABBA, and LORD JESUS, I am so looking forward to seeing Your Face on that Day; Holy Spirit, help me do now what will keep me from being ashamed then. Amen and amen.

A Specific Unspoken.

Unspoken Requests – situations so close you can only speak to Father about.

Children and/or Grandchildren about whom Moms (& Dads) are concerned that their salvation profession may not be true.

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As I post this it is 68°F and mostly cloudy in Al Asad, IQ (Airport) and the time is 6:31 AM AST on October 23, 2009.