Probing and Prodding


We hope your ‘Thanksgiving Plates’ were filled with good things; my plate was different for more years than I can remember, but it was blessed.Yesterday morning our Sunday School teacher asked this question:  If you were allowed to keep only ONE book that you now own, which one would it be?  I knew immediately the right answer; so did everyone else at the table.
A Bible.
And it is true.  If all my books were to be taken from me, my Bible is the ONE I would want the most to keep.
But the teacher was not done with his probing.  If our Bibles are really the ONE book we would want, why do we not read it more? Then he said, and I am paraphrasing
, ‘if the Bible is so important to us why is it when it comes time to read we just have to finish that Criminal Mind television program rather than reading it’?
He asked other questions along this same line but I’ll not go on; I got the message.

And then in the next hour, the Pastor asked a good question too?  “What brings (gives) you pleasure?” Of all the goings on in this life experience, what gives you and me pleasure?
|It’s a very good question and an honest answer will tell us much.

Sure hope Bible Reading is one of those things in this life that gives us pleasure.He also talked about the things money can’t buy: enjoyment in life, enjoyment in work, and a contented heart.  But you know what I know is true – if the Bible was truly our ONE book of most pleasure, we would read it and we would have ALL that money can’t buy.   Yes, yesterday was a day of probing and prodding.  What will today be?  A day of doing?  Only I can decide for myself and I will.  So will you.  

Gee! Wouldn’t you think I could come up with a gentler, kinder, lighter, and more pleasant message than this our first day back?  Trust me – the message is for me.   Here’s to having a lovingly productive and pleasant day whatever is on the agenda today.Matthew 6:33 

33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.  sourceYour message, Father, I heard and I understand it; now I pray Holy Spirit for help to practice it; for I know without Your empowerment and prodding I not only cannot do it I will not do it.   I am not even off to a good start last night but today is a new day.  Thank You.  You know the things on the agenda for us today; for every IDOK and for every Reader.  And to our natural minds with some of those things on our list it seems ‘crazy’ to say make it a lovingly productive and pleasant day, but, LORD, that is exactly what is needed for me and mine. And I am asking You to remind me moment by moment today; and not just me but any IDOK or Reader who will amen this right now.  And we pray for our IDOK Troops for their safety and protection today. We pray that Your Word is or will become the most important Book to them. We pray for our list of names and situations, I am so glad You know the face and the heart and the need of each one, and more than that You love and care and are willing and able to take care of them, and because You are we bring them to You and rest them in Your Capable and Eternal Hands. Amen and Amen in the Mighty and Holy Name of Jesus.

As I post this it is 62°F and haze in Al Asad, IQ (Airport) and the time is 2:50 PM AST and on November 30, 2009.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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