Soul Rest

Psalm 62:1-2 “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”   (NIV)
What more could I add to that?  That’ll preach, won’t it?   But I did a little research anyway with my online Hebrew Lexicon for the Hebrew words for our English words: soul and rest.
Soul is transliterated Nephesh and it is – appetite, mind, desire, emotion, passion, the seat of emotions, passion.
And rest is manowach coming from the word nuwachManowach is a resting place, a state or condition of rest, repose.  Nuwach is to settle down, remain, and to abandon.
This is what I see here, when my soul, that is my appetites, is abandoned to God alone, then I shall not be shaken.
If my appetites or my emotions are all over the page and are not settled into God, then I am like a reed in the wind – just getting the stew beat out of me.
So if this is describing us this morning, let us check our appetites, our desires, our minds, and our emotions, are we abandoned to God alone?
Then we will have a sweet day even when sour things come at us. 

No, not abandon to Father?
Well, we know what’s coming, don’t we?
In Him alone, we have Soul Rest.
Thank You, Father, for this ministry.  Thank You for this Word this morning.  We need it.  I want my appetites, all of them abandoned to You.  I want to want nothing that You don’t want for me. I’m not there I think but I am asking You, Holy Spirit, to get me there.   . . .
Thank You, that You are You and You make no mistakes and Your love for us NEVER fails.  We pray to grow more and more like You.  And we are continuing to pray for each one listed.   As our eyes looked at each name, there are some really serious situations, some physical, some emotional, and the most serious ones I think, the rebellious, the wayward soul – souls having not rested themselves in You alone, these are the most serious I think. Yet we pray for them all, for each to be blessed and favored; for each to release themselves to You and find that You are completely faithful to heal spirits, souls, and bodies.
And we pray for our IDOK Troops to be protected and come home safe.  . . .
Thank You for each one that has come home safely – we pray so will the rest of them.

Thank You for our IDOKs and Readers – You know each, You see their faces, You see their hearts, their desires, You know what they need today and I pray they shall have it this very day.  As each of them wakes I pray they will say Good Morning to You first and remain in fellowship with You all day until they sleep again.  And it is in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen and amen

Revelation 2:17 – His Ministry to you,

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