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IDOK Devotion for Monday, April 26, 2010

A friend gave me a book several years ago and I’ve picked it up several times but again and again, I’ve laid it down, unfinished.  A few days ago I picked it up again and placed it on the stack of other books on my night table.  Last night as I was climbing into bed I looked at the book thinking I would try again and like a flood light suddenly illuminates a dark night I noticed the author’s name.  I exclaimed to myself: ‘I know her! But I didn’t know I had two books written by her!’

So this time when I started to read it was a whole new book to me.  Why?  Because I know the author.  She’s my friend.  I know her face.  I know her voice.  And now when I read her words, I am connected. I ‘hear’ her saying the words as I read them.  I see her facial expressions as she speaks from the pages of the book.

And so I thought you know those folks who say the Bible is dry, non-interesting, boring, and hard to understand; just maybe that is because they don’t know the AUTHOR.  They don’t know His voice.  They have not traced His face. They have not seen His smile. They have not heard His laugh.  They don’t count Him as a Friend.

Yes, knowing the Author makes all the difference,  especially when we are reading The Creator of the Universe’s Love Letter to humankind.

Obviously, I am thrilled with the book I am reading.  And obviously, I am tickled pink to know the author.  I read her often.  Just about every day; either her Blog or one of the two books I now have that she has written.  (I suspect I’ll get more) And I dare not get too far from this train of thought before I make this observation: the more I read what she has written the more I know her heart.  Flood Light. Flood Light!! The more we read the Bible the more we know the heart of God!!

So as thrilled as I am about this recent revelation, I am most thrilled about something far, far, far more exciting and incredible.  The steps of a man are established by the LORD, and He delights in his way. Psalm 37:23. My steps are established by the LORD and I have NO doubt He delighted in my delight last night.  I know He did, we talked about it.  I laughed and I cried and I praised that my Father GOD orchestrated last night and He began to work on last night in 2004.  IS HE AWESOME OR WHAT?!!!!

Yes! Knowing the Author makes all the difference in the world and in the soul of one ‘little girl’ in Satsuma, Alabama.

Father GOD, You know my heart is full.  I do not have the words to say how Awesome You are and how I love You and yes, appreciate You.  That You would do what You do.  Your patience, Your timing, Your You-ness!  I am so glad, so glad to KNOW You. And I don’t know You enough yet but I will get to because You will see to it and I’m more and more inclined to go along peacefully with You these days.  I owe that to You too!  I love you, Abba!

And while we are talking, let me petition You for our IDOKs and our Readers, bless them and show up and show out big for them.

We pray for our IDOK Troops for their safety and well-being all weekend and into Monday when I meet with our IDOKs again.  Bless their weekends, our IDOK Troops, their families back home, and all those we love, dear and near to us.   Look out for those on our list and help them see You and hear You and know You.  We pray for a good report for Jenny, asking that a remedy be found for those migraine headaches. And for Brittany, comfort, and peace as she waits on doctors to give her the results of the biopsy.  And we’d so like that biopsy to say no cancer.  And Carolyn, renew her strength, complete her recovery.  And You know all the other names listed and You know what is best and it is for that we pray.  Amen and amen, LORD JESUS, in Your Name.


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