For Joy!


Matthew 8:17 This was to fulfill what was spoken through Isaiah the prophet: “HE HIMSELF TOOK OUR INFIRMITIES AND CARRIED AWAY OUR DISEASES.”

I’ve been reading Matthew again today – several chapters and I think I am settling in on Matthew 11 to share with you today (Thursday).

Here is a link to the chapter, certainly we will not discuss all of it.

Who of us has not had doubts about JESUS or about the ministry He has called us to or perhaps some other matters relative to our Christian walk?

John had doubts … big ones!  And he did the right thing with them — he sent his doubts clothed in questions from his dungeon to JESUS.  We would do well to send our questions from our dungeons to JESUS too.

Jesus’ reply to John is recorded in verses 4 and 5.  However, we miss a lot if we do not read on through verse 15.  John’s doubts did not put Jesus off a bit.  And John’s doubts, listen to me closely here — John’s doubts DID NOT CHANGE JESUS’ MIND ABOUT JOHN!!  And I am suggesting, no I am telling you as strongly as I know how:  YOUR DOUBTS ABOUT HIM DOES NOT CHANGE HIS MIND ABOUT YOU EITHER!!!

Even after big-time doubts and big-time screw-ups, He still loves you.  He is not sorry He saved you.  He is not sorry He called you into His family.  He is not sorry He gave you certain gifts and ministry in which to use them.

HE IS NOT DOUBTING YOU!  He knows you.  He knows He in you can yet accomplish the goals He has for you!!!

Matthew 11:11 “Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist!

Now bear in mind here that at the time Jesus spoke these words, John was in prison, doubting himself, doubting JESUS, and maybe feeling sorry for himself, AND yet Jesus STILL gave such praise to John as is recorded in this chapter.

And then He talks about you and me.

Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

I don’t know exactly what all that means, but this I do KNOW — even when we doubt Him, He does not doubt us!

Now if that doesn’t make you happy and give you cause to shout for joy — you better check whether or not you are even in the family!!!

Amen? Amen.

I like this Father.  I really like it! I like it LORD JESUS that I cannot change Your mind about me.  I love it that I cannot shake You up and get You worried that You made a mistake with me.  Oh, how AWESOME You are!!  And in times to come when this lesson appears on the pages of our IDOKs and Readers’ screens I want them to be encouraged.  I want them to find comfort and hope.  I want them to laugh out loud, clap their hands in praise, whatever expression that will give You praise, and will assure them that You have not changed Your mind about them and even their best days with You are still ahead, still coming to them.  And thank You that’s true for me too.  I accept that Father.  Thank You.

And now I turn my thoughts to others.  To IDOK Troops, to our List for Prayer, for Bridgette and her family, for hearts and lives whose names I am calling to You alone and there are IDOKs and Readers doing the same I think as we gather in our respective places to pray … we lift this all up to You.  We trust You to understand and know us even better than we know ourselves.  We trust You to love those we love even more than we love them. We trust You to do what is best for them, best for us.  And America and Israel come to mind too.  Cannot forget to pray for both Nations, for both to yet enter into the place You have ordained for us.  Father, I want what You want for both. Please forgive us, please have mercy on us and save us, LORD.  Please don’t let us be overtaken by Satan and those who do his bidding.  LORD, You know every soul in America who is saved and I pray not one of us will be satisfied to live beneath our destiny any longer; that we will stop doubting and start living in Your Joy, LORD JESUS, even this very day to Your glory alone. Amen and amen.

One thought on “For Joy!

  1. Well I guess I didn’t read this until now because I wouldn’t have taken it in until now. I was building to a bad mood and enjoying the trip.
    Thank You and Thank You Jesus for helping me get ahold of my feelings.
    Remind Bridgette that just last week i went to the doctor who spent probably 20 minutes telling me that he expected that the test I was about to take would have bad results and what we should do when it did. The results were better than I had ever received. Remember the doctor is just practicing.
    We stand with her on the scripture promise for healing and yes, a good report … so the doctor will know.

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