Baby Caleb Lowery

I just received a phone call that Baby Caleb’s fight is over.  He got to miss all the sins he might have committed. He got to meet JESUS face to face having  never chosen to sin against HIM.  How glorious is that?!

Please pray for his parents. They are strong and courageous, even as their son; and yet strong JESUS FOLLOWERS need others to come alongside to give loving support. Let us do that with our prayers and however else the HOLY SPIRIT may prompt us.

Thank you and holy hugs, kt


IDOK Devotion for Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It’s a beautiful gray Monday morning in Satsuma, Alabama — actually it’s almost noon and I have settled in, kinda, to begin preparing for this coming Sunday’s Sunday School lesson and I have a quick word picture to share with you.

Ephesians 5:1 Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children;

Why do think he wrote it that way?

What word picture does it give you?

Have you seen a little boy trotting along behind his daddy, taking great care and concentration to walk in the steps his daddy makes?  Why does he do that?

He’s imitating his daddy.

I love that picture. That’s what our DADDY GOD wants for us and from us. He wants us to love Him so much that we follow along right after Him trying our best to make those steps He makes before us.

How beautiful is that?!

ABBA, You have made me smile this beautiful gray day. May it be that all my gray days from this day forward be beautiful to me. Not because gray is considered a wonderful thing by natural standards but because Your joy within finds beauty even in gray.  I am so grateful to You.  And I love You, ABBA.  Thank You.

And as we set this tidbit of a devotion to post, thank You. Imitating. It’s a sweet picture.  I pray it will be sweet when it arrives at each screen. And I pray each will be encouraged. I pray they will smile and feel and know You are smiling on them.

We as a Body present our Praying for These Loved Ones to You with their many, many needs. It is so good that You let us bring them; so good that You are so willing and able to answer their cries and ours for help. Thank You, ABBA.  IDOK Troops too.  Safety and protection for them we pray. And for revival. And for repentance. And for an awakening in America. And the November election … still asking for a legal election and a turning to the RIGHT — Your Right, ABBA.  And Israel. Always mindful of them and waiting for the fulfillment You have for them.  And now, LORD, on with what’s at hand here — praying to imitate You as your beloved children in JESUS name. Amen and amen.

Holy hugs, kt