You Version Visiting

The devotion from my Reading Plan was too good to not share with you today.


Seeking to make the consequences of careless living clear to his son, a father told him to drive a nail into the post every time he did something wrong. Then each time the boy did a kindly act, he was told to pull out a nail. The son did as instructed but soon found that although he could pull out the nail, he could do nothing about the nail hole. One might change his ways, but the scars of sin remain.

David blatantly disobeyed God by “numbering Israel.” The issue was not whether it was right or wrong to conduct the census. Rather, the issue was one of obedience. God had said “No,” but David insisted on his own way. One iron law of life is that evil will be punished, and David’s sin was no exception. Judgment came, and David was given alternatives for punishment. Of the choices given, David decided to take his chances with God rather than the cruelty of man (2 Samuel 24:10-14). It was a wise decision.

Two important lessons come from this major Bible prayer. First of all, we can never get away with evil. We will always suffer with the scars of sin. But, second, we also can rely on the mercies of God to restore us, if we come in full confession and sincerely seek His help. How much better it is if we obey in the first place.

Emphasis above is mine.

Blessings to you Dear Friends    +++

Remember YOU have the God-given RIGHT to do right in this wrong world!


2 Replies to “You Version Visiting”

  1. I bear some scars; I’ve aided in giving a few as well. Thanks be to God for the transforming work of the cross. His nails, his scars cover the stain of ours.



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