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Is That a Knock?

As evil as is the Democratic Party Platform. As evil as is the confessed mission of the BLM organization. As evil as is the will of Antifa. As evil as is Deep State. As evil as is all these and all other sins practiced here in America, these are not […]

Protecting One’s Domain

Do I have a treat for you today? My beloved has written a Word for us. I think you will like it. This morning as I was reading my daily devotion, a thought came to me which of all things came from my friendly four-footed creature, better known as my […]

I Reckon, Again.

I used to on occasion re-post my older devotions; back then a blank day of posting just couldn’t be. I’ve had many blank days since September 16, 2015. So just for the good of it, here’s a repeat. I reckon. That’s what I heard Charles say. Charles Billingsley. I was […]

I Never Dreamed

A friend posted the following on her Facebook feed. She admits she did not author it but that it accurately describes her thoughts. Mine too. I never dreamed that I would have to face the prospect of not living in the United States of America, at least not the one […]

Attention, Please

It is important to me to make this information available to you. Especially since venues of social media are censoring it. Please visit and read at the webpage I am offering you. You will find a video (the video that is being censored) there as well as an article to […]