Just Chatting

Good Morning!

Happy Friday!

I have a cup of coffee and a sleeping Sara. The quiet is SWEET!! The temp here in Lower Alabama is way cool – actually it is COLD. But the house is warm enough for me. Might have to bump up that heat when my beloved gets home. 🙂

I like my new look here at The White Stone. Comments welcome.

And speaking of new, is there something new, more or different that you would like to find at The White Stone in the coming months? If so, shoot me an email at idoklady@revelation217.com for privacy or you can go public in the comments here at this post but please just give your FIRST name; last name is not required to leave a comment.

So how’s the New Year for you?

Perhaps you remember my word for 2013 is LIVE (click HERE to see the post). No pressure from resolutions that would quickly be forgotten. And so far the one word is working for me.

And one of the things I am doing to LIVE is read. And one of the new to me blogs I am reading is She Reads Truth. What a blessing!!!

Perhaps you’d like a visit over there too. Click HERE for today’s blessing.

I could rattle on with this chatting today but in order to LIVE I better bid you adieu for now.

Wishing you a holy blast of a weekend!


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