The First Day

is well underway. Actually, the day is waning and evening of the first day is coming on strong!


We welcome you because we know each of the moments you intend our ABBA holds them  in His Holy, Just and Loving Hands before He allows them to greet our faces.

I could come to our page with regrets and siting my failures of 2012 or with resolutions for 2013 but I am determined to come with only this.

I have one word for me in 2013.


Live for His glory and all my other hopes will come along in their appointed times; like shaping up and shedding fat cells; like less TV viewing and more reading; a cleaner house;  more shepherding my classmates and lots of blessing my beloved hubby and family.

We have a great adventure ahead or a gloomy existence — it really is our choice — moment by moment.

Help me choose well by praying often for me — won’t you?

Micah 6:8 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

8 Human being, you have already been told

what is good, what Adonai demands of you —

no more than to act justly, love grace

and walk in purity with your God.

via Mi 6:8 CJB – Human being, you have already been told – Bible Gateway.


5 Replies to “The First Day”

  1. Live. A great mandate for us all as we take these initials steps into a new year. Blessings as you travel, sister.



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