A word from a Sister-Friend used by permission:

This morning as I awoke this raced through my brain:  “Crushing Satan’s Pebbles”.  Didn’t know why or exactly what it meant.  Maybe a good sermon title?

As I pondered it over, these thoughts followed:  we recognize those big boulders or mountains that Satan can put into our paths to make us stumble or veer off the path, but do we even begin to recognize and deal properly with those little tiny pebbles.  Those little pebbles are there to annoy us, pain us a little bit, steal our joy, or even make our minds wander where they shouldn’t.  They are like a grain of sand in our shoes that irritates us as we walk.  We are eager to remove the shoe and get the sand out.  We need to be so in tune with God that we will recognize the “pebbles” and eagerly ask God to remove them from us, protecting us from the potential dangers.  Zippy

I think my Sister heard a Word for herself and many of us. Like she said we are eager, we can’t wait to get that shoe off and get that sand out.

Got any little pebbles (sins) to rid from your shoes (walk) today?

Song of Solomon 2

15 “Catch the foxes for us, yes, the little foxes!
They are ruining the vineyards when our vineyards are in bloom!”

via Song of Solomon 2:14-16 KJV;CJB – O my dove, that art in the clefts of – Bible Gateway.

Be Hidden in CHRIST,

I see it, ABBA. I understand and Thank You. Thank You for my Sister. Thank You for this Word to her and thank You that she shared it with me and that I can share it here. I pray this Word will do all that You plan, for as long as You desire. I pray for us to recognize the pebbles and be as eager to get rid of the sins in our lives as we are to get sand from our shoes. Forgive us. We are an insensitive people when it comes to our own sins.We dismiss the ones we deem small and pride ourselves that we don’t do the ones we think are big. Forgive us and help us, ABBA. HOLY SPIRIT, bless us with conviction, conviction too strong, too loud or perhaps too quiet and too steady for us to ignore. Help us repent. Some people and situations are coming to mind. And I am reminded that all things are possible with You; I’m glad about that because these things feel impossible; but I am asking. Asking for Your Light to come on in hearts and for caring people to be steeped in wisdom. Help us be not overwhelmed with all the troubles of this life; with the illness and disease; with poverty of spirit; with hunger and lack of hunger; with sexual slavery; with hard heart-ed rebellion; it often seems endless; let us not be defeated but rather arise in victory with our Savior. We dare not forget to pray for healing-s for these, physical and otherwise, for Jamie. Dylan. Dori. Kerri. Lance. Adalynn. Carol. Donnie. Terri & family. and Others. All Others that Readers bring here with them in prayer. And for each who reads or visits this page, I pray for them to know the beauty of Your Presence and for them to rest in Your Grace and Your strength, finding You sufficient in all things.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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