Monthly Archives: September 2016


Abba, I need Your help. Lies are rampant and the ones telling them are many. Your Word tells me what time I am afraid to trust in You, so I am. I am so grateful when my soul is reeling from the onslaughts of filth that You comfort me and You draw me back to trust. Keep my focus upward to You and not these surroundings. I know nothing of the future, what will happen, who will do what but of this I am certain You are my GOD, You are my Father and You are good.

What is that Scripture? Yes, that’s the one.

You are our refuge and strength; You are ever-present (every moment, not one split second is Your attention diverted from us. You are) with us in all these troubles. So we shall not be afraid even if all the earthly stabilizers we count on give way, even if the mountains (all our heroes) tumble into the depths of the sea (and we see them no more); even if the waters (floods of filth and hypocrisy) rage and foam and the mountains (of virtue) shake at its turbulence. Even so by Your grace and with Your help we will still trust You. We choose to wait in confidence for the outcomes of all things dear to us because all things good are possible with You. You are great and awesome and on this night we give You praise on the merits of Jesus our Savior, Your Only Son.

(1) God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.
(2) Therefore we are unafraid,
even if the earth gives way,
even if the mountains tumble
into the depths of the sea,
(3) even if its waters rage and foam,
and mountains shake at its turbulence. source Psalms 46