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26 (b)

From hence forth I will be using the word whore, shall we say in a wiser manner. 

26 The price of a whore is a loaf of bread,
 but the adulteress is hunting for a precious life. source

Have you seen the Movie, Pretty Woman? Vivian was a prostitute. And it was her practice to keep it strictly business – pay your loaf of bread and be on your way. 

And to think all these years we have used the word whore to denote the worst of the worst. I am rethinking that. Here’s why.

But the adulteress is hunting for a precious life. 

She’s not looking for a loaf of bread; she’s looking to shut down the bakery and put it under new management! She’s looking for lives (and families) to devour. 

Adultery. It is far, far worse than we in this 21st Century have let ourselves believe.

Yes. I have a new perspective.

There are Vivian(s) in this world; some are lured into it by various and multiple means, some are abducted and enslaved into it, but they all have this in common: JESUS wants to rescue them! He loves them with the purest love they have yet to know.

And there are 26 (b) women in this world: adulteresses. Somehow to me now it is even less becoming a word than whore. Even so, JESUS wants to rescue! Even so, JESUS has a pure and holy love for us all: Vivian(s),  26 (b)s, and the Mary Jane(s), the Susie(s), the Girls Next Door.  All of us! JESUS CAME for US! In whatever pit of sin we are found; and we all have our pits. JESUS came to save sinners! And that my Friends covers us all! 

See Romans 3:22-24

It’s GOOD NEWS! Spread it! It’s better than butter on bread! 🙂

The Blood of Jesus is enough ~ ~ ~ Kathie