Aunt Clara Priceless

Thinking about my Tribe this morning; praying for my Tribe and realizing I am privileged to have 51 people (and counting) to call my own. Fifty one family related people to varying degrees I have influenced or shall influence. Oh that is sobering because I am not confident that all those influences have been understood as intended or perhaps have not been good at all. Because my date of birth is more than 6 decades ago my Tribe spans four generations; who knows if I thrive long enough I may see this Tribe reach five generations! 

As I pen this I am thinking I should clarify this Tribe I am talking about as perhaps all of us are simultaneously members of more than one Tribe. Oh that is more work than I want to do at this setting – identifying Tribes.

This Tribe. Family that I care about. Family that I pray for. Family that I ask GOD to mess with. Family made family by blood, by marriage, by adoption.  And when you put all that together. Yep there are 51 of us so far! And what will these generations say of me when I no longer grace this planet? I don’t have as long as I have had to make it good! And should that be of concern to me? Yes, if it encourages me and no if it overwhelms me.

Truth! Of these 51 (and counting) it is highly unlikely that of the majority of them I am even on their radars more than once or twice in a year or so. My influence does not reach that far! And you know what? That’s okay. Because prayer does!  

A case in point. My daddy had a brother named Arch; he married a woman named Clara.  In my adolescent years I spent some time with Uncle Arch and Aunt Clara, not a lot; later I learned that daily Aunt Clara prayed for me. Even today that is priceless to me!

So to adopted ones and those who have even a little of my DNA or have even a little of JT’s DNA and those married to someone who has a bit of either our DNA(s): you are my Tribe and very often your name is spoken in prayer. And I’m hoping the day will come that information is Aunt Clara priceless to you. 

Now, I am curious. Have you sat to identify your Tribe? 

Just Me ~ ~ ~