A brief word this morning; back in my familiar place after a long for me absence. img_7012My reading text this morning was the Gospel According to Mark and I am here with this word for families, even if your family is just two. 

This particular scene in the Text is a nasty one. The Torah-teachers have accused JESUS of being a devil. He attempts to reasons with them; but they want no part of it. His warning is this:  25 and if a household is divided against itself, that household can’t survive. [source]

Let us heed the warning Families! Large or small or very small be NOT divided one against another. Come together, reason together. Talk out those disagreements in love and kindness with one another; be not divided!  Eat together. Cook together. Laugh together. Play together – catch in the front yard – with prayer you CAN find together activities for the WHOLE family! Tackle obstacles together and if you have been doing it alone for a while, give yourselves a needed learning curve. Rome was not built in a day and getting your house in order won’t be either. 🙂

Walk together even when you are in your respective out of the home places. 

And for JT and me today it’s taxes! 🙂

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie
Your Prayer requests welcomed

Day 105
261 days remaining after today.

2 comments on “Family”

  1. Such a good word, Kathie. I have learned over the past couple of years that even families that always seemed to be cohesive can have major ‘fallin’ out’, my Daddy would say. It is painful to endure and requires lots of prayer.

    I have missed your presence here. Hope everything is ok.

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    1. Thank you my friend
      All is well. An adjusting time. A learning time – retirement for my man- a daughter and grandchildren who moved 400 plus miles away- house remodeling – just to name a few 😃 praying for structure and direction. Thank you for saying hello it means more to me than I can say. Looking forward to your next Bible Study workbook! I confess some studies I get bogged down in and don’t finish. Both your studies I completed on time – loved every page! 😊❤️


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