2 thoughts on “Love & Delight

  1. Thanks! Please pray for my Aunt Sandra. She is a breast cancer survivor (lost both of her younger sisters to it) and she had a bad mammogram report last week. She had more tests Tuesday and will get the results tomorrow. Please pray the cancer has not come back. Thank you so much!!

    • Thank you Juanna.
      Abba, thank you for this great privilege of praying for Sandra and her family. Even the hint of cancer’s return is bitter. The family begs for this to be a false alarm, for a no return of this dreaded disease to be the results received tomorrow; and we know you can do that very thing; we know you have all authority in Heaven and Earth and we know you are gracious and good in all that you do and allow. Knowing this we can ask and we do that Sandra not have cancer again but even as you prayed in the Garden, Lord Jesus, we too pray not our will but your will be done for Sandra and her family. Above all we pray that you be glorified in this and that Sandra and the family experience you and know your holy and peaceful Presence with them every moment. Thank you, Abba.

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