That’s No Bull

She was a trusted employee. She failed; a big, big business sin. The Boss trusted her no more.  She was fired. Someone New was hired. Very soon Someone New ran into bigger challenges than he could meet. He asked her for help. She agreed with one condition. Someone New said your secret is safe with me. Very soon, her expertise saved the day!
Former Boss came to call. She said I told him not to tell. He said he didn’t, you just did; want your job back? She nodded. See you in the morning.

Then I said to JT that is grace.  Folks who think Salvation Grace is a license to sin are full of bull – they have not experienced grace!
She will be his best employee now – that’s what received grace does. And JT said, and that’s no bull.  🙂

Okay. I guess you had to be here – it tickled us!  🙂

Enjoy the day. Look for positives and repeat after me:

Psalm 118: (KJV) 24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.  source

Selah ~ ~ ~