Monthly Archives: March 2018

Who’s the User?


1 Corinthians 3:(TLV) For we are God’s co-workers; you are God’s field, God’s building. source

Admittedly, this is picky, semantics, if you will. However, in this charged culture, perhaps we should consider our word choices,  particularly in reference to GOD.

I often hear it said GOD wants to use you.  I don’t like that. I mean I understand the context and I know what the speaker means – I’ve said it myself but not so much these days. In our word culture use is often interchangeable with abuse.

Today with the understanding I have of GOD, I say He has no intention or any desire to use any of us.  He desires relationship with us. He desires that we co-labor WITH Him to make Him known to the world’s Peoples so they can be saved from sin, hell and the abuse of the Evil One. He desires for us to keep company with Him. To enjoy Him. To laugh with Him. Work in tandem with Him to introduce people to His peace and freedom. 

I like Chuck Holton‘s words in his book Making Men  (page 138) as he said: “When we look at our lives like a bicycle built for two. Christ takes the front seat- and the handlebars-while I sit in back and pedal for all I’m worth. Wherever we end up then, is by His design. As long as I let Him steer, I never have to worry about what’s around the next corner.”

Without a doubt, JESUS is the Leader and He is the all-wise One that we do well to obey; yet in all this we are His family.

There is one who uses and abuses us but it is not DADDY GOD! 

Selah ~  ~  ~