Good Enough

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 I am 43 years old today. Forty three in rebirth years, not natural years. It was November 18, 1975 right about 9:00 PM on a Tuesday in Axis, Alabama that I said yes to JESUS. Yes, I take You as my One and Only Savior. 

That was without question the greatest, most wonderful day and decision of my life. The only day that will ever top that day is the day I see Him Face to face.  And on the eve of my 43rd birthday I was and am keenly aware that I will not be fully free of my natural propensity to sin as long as I breathe earth’s air. As much as I hate that; it is true. The most I can hope for is to cooperate more and more with the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD and receive healing upon healing in as many areas as I can to enable me to do as much good on planet earth as I can while I wait for my full redemption.  And you know what? That’s plenty good enough to make me smile and say thank You, Abba, in JESUS’ name.  Amen and happy birthday to me!  🙂

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