Here’s Your Sign

I was thinking it so I had to write it and since I wrote it you might as well have the opportunity to read it – if you choose to.

Ask any honest doctor.
For a mask to be helpful (that is to catch sneezing and coughing droplets, which it can do) and still not be harmful to you, you must put on a clean mask without touching the fabric part of the mask with your hands.
And you MUST NOT touch the mask with your hands the entire time it is on your face. If you do touch it with your hands you must remove it immediately. Thoroughly wash your hands and apply another clean mask without touching the fabric portion of the mask.  (Additionally, bear in mind the masks readily available and being worn by the masses do not keep out or in breath aerosols.)

If you do not follow this procedure, you are doing yourself more harm than good because failure to closely follow this procedure means you are wearing masks that you are continually touching, adjusting, pulling up and down with your germ-laden hands. Moreover, you are breathing in and out through your nose and your mouth those germs deposited on the mask as you adjust it throughout the day, pulling it up and down, hanging it off your ear, dropping it below your chin, putting it in your pocket, and then taking it out again to put back on your face. 

It does not take rocket science to figure this — it takes honesty. 

The global wearing of masks.
To think the wearing of masks by all the peoples of the world is anything but a spiritually driven assault is naive at best. Evil spirits have captured the minds of virtually all the peoples of this world, driving them to strap a piece of fabric across their faces in the misdirected hope they will be spared from a virus that they cannot see and is highly likely, better than a 99% chance, it will not kill them. 

And yet when The Holy Spirit of GOD directs the soul of a person to PUT ON the Righteousness of JESUS the CHRIST so they will be 100% for sure spared eternal damnation, they refuse to do so.

The fact that billions of people daily strap unsanitary cloths on their faces to BREATHE THROUGH is plenty of evidence for me this mask mandate was hatched in hell and is driven by spiritually deceived humans. (Either deceived or with eyes wide open have joined the demonic in this event.)
It is no wonder this virus is still with us!

So, when you see me without a mask please do not do yourself the injustice of judging me to be an uncaring one. When you see my face uncovered, please rather be encouraged and know I am saying to you, fear not, believe GOD, believe Science, embrace liberty and live as long as GOD Himself gives you breath. 

If you are still uncomfortable unmasked and you still believe the Science of Certain Elites who have $$$ and power to gain from your compliance, I still love you and I am not mad with you. If you are obligated to wear one to keep your job and food on your table, it is my prayer that GOD will protect you and keep you safe while wearing that nasty thing.

Today I attended a funeral service. (No, she neither died from Covid or with Covid.)
I was greeted at the door with a sign.
Do you see it?
What does it say?
Stay safe!
It’s a funeral home, y’all! And the only SAFE place is HEAVEN!
Maintain Social Distance.
So tell me.
How do you console a weeping, grieving loved one from 6 feet away?

It is time to think!
It’s time to live and love people up close because if we don’t we are already dead.

As I said, I was thinking it, so I wrote it, and now it is here for you to read or not to read; to consider or dismiss; to pray over or just chalk me up as whatever you please.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Sign

  1. Wonderfully written and discerning piece. Also moved me to tears for the deceived. These mask mandates are from the pit of hell and intended to bring terror, control, and oppression. Also testing waters to see how easily we comply. I cried today reading a meme on the psychology affects of masks on children who need to see facial expressions as part of their emotional development. And while sad and grieved, I’m extremely angry at the enemy and the wickedness of man to perpetuate such evils against fellow human beings. For the love of our Lord, please take off your masks, world. They truly do more harm than good. We need class action lawsuits against employers, the government. Whatever it will take to stop this insane asylum called earth. And of course, wield the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God for them that they may see and be set free. That they may trust in the Lord and not the science of the moment coming from those who’ll make money off the masses being controlled by fear. I will not wear what is not of God either. We are created to breathe clean air not co2 and accumulated germs. Father have mercy. And that thing where even believers say that it’s not loving to not where a mask grieves me so deeply because it’s satanic twisting of love. Thankful you see sister. Lord help us all. God bless.

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