A Misunderstanding

I shared this on my Facebook page earlier this morning and decided to bring it here too.


And here is my commentary on this verse.
Conversations and conduct I have heard and seen tells me people have not understood this Word. When YESHUA came, He the GODMAN didn’t come in His capacity the first time as JUDGE. He came as Redeemer, Messiah, Savior, and Friend of Sinners but not one of these Missions indicates He came to ignore telling us we are sinners separated from GOD and that we will not see GOD unless we turn from our sins to GOD. In simple terms: Turn or Burn.
That sounds like judgment to unlearned people – it’s not. It is a message of love, mercy, and grace.
Love says turn or burn.
Mercy says turn or Burn.
And it is The Grace of GOD that He even calls us to turn.
We were ALL (except YESHUA, JESUS) born condemned already. JESUS stepped into our condemned state to redeem us.
I welcome Him as my JUDGE. I invite Him. I want Him to judge everything – all my thoughts and all my deeds and to arrest every thought and every behavior that does not please Him.
And this my Friends is truly the love, mercy, and grace of GOD to ever give me such a GIFT as to desire this!!
How about you?

Love, Kathie

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