Gifts that Stay

I’m still in John 5
Actually, I thought I was in 6, but nope, not yet.

And I’m here with you with verse 38. Yeshua is speaking to some Folks in the Temple Court. He has been conversing with them about John and apparently, some of them just want to argue. People have not changed in 2000 years. So He said this to them:

38 moreover, his word does not stay in you, because you don’t trust the one he sent.  source 

I took note of this and made notes.

I said what a really horrible state of being: The Word of GOD does not stay in you.

To me, that means you hear it but you do not retain it. You do not hold it dear. It is not a treasure to you. Nor is it a guide for your thinking or your doing.
(But it’s deeper. John 1:14 tells us JESUS HIMSELF is THE WORD. If we trust not JESUS and The Father who sent Him, we have not retained THE WORD of GOD within us, nor can we). 

And then I said: I don’t want this to be me!

And it isn’t and it shall not be — why?
Because I have been given the holy gift of trust! The holy gift of trusting JESUS.
I am speechless for these indescribable gifts – the gifts of conviction, repentance, and trust in JESUS The CHRIST.
Oh! may all my family, friends, and strangers receive these gifts!

Amen and amen!god-s-greatest-gift-postcard

Love, Kathie 

What Time Is It?

Honestly, I’m just popping in to see what will show up on the page and to say hello.
I don’t like being away from this screen for many days.

Well, we are halfway through the month of January 2023.
How’s it going for you so far?
It seems the clock clockis speedily ticking to me.

I have a verse for us to ponder today.

35 By this all people will know that you are My disciples: if you have love for one another.”  John 13 source 

I’ve been thinking about this verse for some days. In context, who do you think JESUS was addressing when He said this?
The setting is the upper room the night He was arrested.
Who was in the room that night?
All people (sinners and saints) will know you are my disciples if you have love for one another. 
Who is one another?
I looked up the word LOVE as used in the Text. It’s agápē.

When the Body of Christ has agápē for each other, then the people of the world will know we are His Disciples.

What is agápē anyway? agápē    agapáō

The commands to the Body of Christ are to agápē one another and to proclaim the Gospel of The Kingdom of GOD to the world.
I’ve said it myself but I repent of saying it — we are not here to Share the Gospel.
You read that right. We are not here to SHARE the Gospel. We are here to PROCLAIM it.

Please compare the words: ShareProclaim 
Do you see a difference?

The CHURCH has some repenting to do.
And some agápē ing one another and some proclaiming to the world, to do.
Would you agree?

I didn’t expect this.

Love, Kathie 


As I begin this today for Tuesday morning publishing, I think I am addressing people of Saving Faith, people already born again into the Body of CHRIST. 

John 4.

Verse 1
When Yeshua learned that the P’rushim had heard he was making and immersing more talmidim than Yochanan  source 

When Yeshua learned.
And that is where I want to hang out today with you.

When Jesus learned. 1learning

What can WE learn from this record of Yeshua and His ministry here as the GODMAN?
Think about this with me. 
Jesus went from knowing all things, having all knowledge in eternity past to LEARNING here on the earth in a flesh and bone body. And may I add, He did that so He could do the work of saving you and me from our sins and give us eternal life? 

Okay.  Verse 1. Read it again. 
When Yeshua learned that the P’rushim had heard he was making and immersing more talmidim than Yochanan  source 
When through the course of time in His ministry it was told to Him and in my mind confirmed to Him by Holy Spirit, He took action. 
Can we wrap our minds around this: Jesus didn’t know everything
(in His flesh and bone body). 

I am suggesting to us that everything Jesus knew while He was here performing His Saving Mission, He knew by His five senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, AND as Holy Spirit revealed the validity of that information to Him. 

Wouldn’t it be pleasing to The Father for you and me to operate the same way?
I mean for us to move through the day yielded to Holy Spirit as He critiques the information we gain by our five senses, so we can take proper actions? 
We could practice operating like Jesus!

Would or would not that please Father?

Think on the GODMAN today. 
Think about all that you know already that He did for you when He left HEAVEN and came to this earth for YOU. 

Are you willing to make a list — at least a mental list? learning2

Love, Kathie 

A Wedding

Good Morning.

We hope your evening was filled with rest and the peace of GOD quieted any angst in your soul.

John 2

Somewhere about the age of 30, The GODMAN went to a wedding. His mother was invited. He was invited along with His Friends.
We gather from the Scripture at this time He had not yet performed any miracles or shall we say signs that He was/is the Messiah. So I am thinking at this point in time,  His ministry was not off the ground yet (as we might say) but He was forming His circle of students to grow to be ministers of His Gospel; minus one, of course.
So, He went to a wedding.
I wonder how many weddings (and marriages) He attends today?

Moving on . . .

John 2 records His first cleansing of the Temple.
He caused quite a scene. Whip and all.
Perhaps you will read it again with fresh eyes.

And then this verse:  22 Therefore, when he was raised from the dead, his talmidim remembered that he had said this, and they trusted in the Tanakh and in what Yeshua had said.   source 

His students, His disciples, trusted the Tanakh —Tanakh-CEM6 that is the Old Testament Scrolls AND what Yeshua said.

Do we?

Love, Kathie