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A Taste

I am writing from recall from early morning – 3:00 ish.  The Little One had stirred hungry. So, I fetched him from his crib and while he gulped down eight ounces of formula snug between us, love and blessings carassed my thoughts. Thoughts of the difference from now and then. […]


Life is in the blood. We’ve heard it. We’ve read it. We’ve experienced it. All animal life (humans included) when the blood pump stops sending the message of life to the cells, to the tissue and the organs, the temperature cools, the supple skin yields to inflexibility – Life is […]


Soup. I’m giving thanks today for soup. Not just any soup. This once in a lifetime exact soup.  A blending of leftovers and some fresh overs thrown into a pot to simmer.  O my goodness!  Am I sad that this just for once pot of soup cannot be duplicated? Not […]

This Time

Giving thanks for lessons learned – again. That voting does matter.  I must again and again, every time, be faithful in this sacred trust. That I must resist, this time, a life long flaw: when I perceive the crisis has passed, I let the healing discipline slide.  That will not do this […]