It is a lovely Monday in lower Alabama. The temps are comfortable, the sun is bright and cheery; added to all that there’s a gentle breeze dancing a waltz with the trees just outside my window – makes a girl glad to be alive.

Earlier in this happy day, I took a ride – Cedar Cove style – on my bicycle :). That same wind that dances so pleasingly with the trees can make a woman’s ride home a real muscle worker. The Wind.  Is surely our Teacher if we dare to be taught.

Winds cannot always blow our way; headwinds are meant to build muscle – spiritual character. So when we encounter a wind opposite our chosen course, let us realize that wind has one of two purposes: to build us some spiritual muscle or to alert us that we need to change our direction. And the KEEPER of the WIND knows that purpose; let us not hesitate to ask Him. 

The Winds of our Country have been blowing contrary to our roots, contrary to the Book upon which it was founded for not less than 5 decades now. But I do not want us to continue to be afraid or feel hopeless. There are wise, intelligent Americans with practical knowledge to lead us out of financial chaos; there are wise, intelligent Americans with skills and compassion to help us begin to alleviate our social sufferings; there are wise, intelligent Americans with a solid connection to the One and Only GOD who, I believe, is yet willing to help us and restore us again. 

This is my question: Who is willing to surrender to daily prayer, individually and/or corporately, for the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD to reveal who these people are and to position them and labor through them to save America?  Two more question: Am I one of those people? Are you one of those people?

16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


If you are surrendered to this praying, tell someone – get yourself an accountability partner and pray often with her/him.

HOLY SPIRIT, I pray You will call and Your People will answer and millions of Christians will not fail to pray daily for You to save us.