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Here’s to Wearing Away!


Jane Howard said: More and more I realize that everybody, regardless of age, needs to be hugged and comforted in a brotherly or sisterly way now and then. Preferably now.

It’s late for early morning — I covet your prayers, my first born is having outpatient surgery this morning and momma is anxious. SO I have a good re-run for you this morning. I wrote this on October 24, 2003 – it’s still true this morning.
OH!! Do I have a Word this morning!! Remember yesterday we said we could pray that The Lord would wear down the resistance of our loved ones so they would believe and come to know and love Him? This morning very shortly after I woke up I began to think about the Scripture of Jesus washing the disciples feet (and that being because I needed my feet washed — that’s another story — maybe I will share one of these days) and I wish we had time this morning to look at the Passover Supper, the washing of the feet of the disciples but it is nearly 6:00 a.m. And there is not time to do it this morning. But know this: My Jesus — Your Jesus is the Passover Lamb and He was fully aware of that; says so in John 13:1. And when He took off His garments and took up the towel He was preaching without words. And He said so much!! I suspect He said much more than we have learned yet!!
But I have learned this; we regularly need our feet washed. Now, fact is we have been bathed and we are clean all over but walking here in the “dirt” of the earth we get a bit of that on us and we must humble ourselves and go to Jesus to get the dirt off that is clinging to our feet and He graciously does that… Been there, done that – recently.
But on to verse 19. Now, I am lifting a part of that verse out of context to some extent but I think is valid and solid; I think it is Scriptural Support for our praying that The Lord “wear down” the resistance to Him of our loved ones.
John 13: 19 I tell you this now before it occurs, so that when it does take place YOU MAY BE PERSUADED AND BELIEVE THAT I AM HE [Who I say I am-the Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah].
We can pray that The Holy Spirit will tell them, will lead them, will move upon them, will put them in situations, will bring events, whatever it takes to PERSUADE them to believe, PERSUADE them to KNOW that Jesus IS HE; that He is THE CHRIST, THE ANOINTED ONE, THE MESSIAH. Works for me!! If persuading is anything it is “wearing away” resistance. Wouldn’t you agree? So you can be sure that I am praying based upon this very Word which Father began birthing in me when I read in my sister, Beth Moore’s, book, Feathers From My Nest, that we could pray for the “wearing down of their resistance”. Don’t you love it when Father confirms!!
Father God you are so Awesome, You are gracious and kind; You are so good to us. Thank you! Thank you. Thank you that you are wearing down the resistance of our loved ones and thank you that you are working in our lives. Thank you that You are continually washing our feet and keeping us clean. We admit we so need it; I do Lord. You know what a mess I am but thank you that You look at me and love me and You see what You are making of me and even now I am beautiful to You. But not just me Lord but all my sisters and brothers; we are lovely to You and now I pray that we will behold You and we will see more and more HOW LOVELY YOU ARE!! Lord, You are lovely and You are kind and good and gracious; You are so good to us. Persuade us today to do your will; persuade us today to open our hearts to people and to share with them; persuade us to be Reflectors and Dispensers today… Reflectors of You and Dispenses of your Love and just maybe you can use us in your project of wearing down the resistance of our loved ones. Thank you. Amen and amen.
And Father this morning more than four years later I say amen again. And this morning we pray for these that You wear down resistance to strongholds of unbelief in the lives of those who do not even know they are struggling with You. And then we pray that You build up those struggling against disease and illnesses; we pray for strength against those bad cells that have invaded the bodies of those we love; we pray for immune systems to strengthen and for cell functions to be restored. We pray for insulin production to be balanced. We pray for other body and mind chemicals to balance; for people to be made whole in mind, body and spirit. We pray for souls who are grieving that You will comfort and give renewed purpose and vision to them. And Father, I pray in particular for my own little girl that today’s surgery will be text book perfect and she will recover quickly and be on her way again even better than before to love You, serve You and to bless her family, friends and co-workers. We pray for our IDOK Troops today that You will protect them; that they will be safe from all harm of mind, body and spirit; that You will see to it that they all come home at the appointed time; give comfort and support to their families. And we pray for the successful conclusion to this war. We pray for the peace of Israel; for the repentance of America; for the election of Your Choice for President; for the revival of Your Church – all in the name of Jesus. Amen and amen.
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As I post this it is 54°F and partly cloudy in Al Asad, Iraq & the time there is 4:07 PM AST – on January 24, 2008