The Squeeze

 I am flat out enjoying the new colors in our hall bath. I often stop in passing, lean my head against the door facing and just smile. 

As I begin to write I am fresh from cleaning the miniature roller I used this morning for some touch up and I have an application to share with you. It is by no means new but I have to have something to write about for our Tuesday time together.  🙂

I noticed it takes a lot of water to get the paint roller clean. Even when the roller looked clean and white again and I thougth I might be finished, with just a little squeeze I knew there was yet paint hiding deep in the roller. 

Is a picture forming for you?

It takes a lot of WATER of the Word to work (wash) the practice of sin out of us. I say practice because once we say YES to JESUS and Eternal Life is received within, positionally we are fully and completely and thoroughly clean before ABBA. But oh my goodness the HOLY SPIRIT, He has much work to do to correct and change our practices!  I have heard it said it only takes a moment to rescue a sinner from hell but it takes a lifetime to get the hell out of the sinner.  I am living proof to the truth of that! And washing that paint roller this morning surely reminded me of it.

At times  I look pretty good in practice and I might even think I am doing pretty good and I surely am doing better than I used to. BUT let me get squeezed just right and uh oh — I didn’t know that was in there!!  Makes me grateful for the squeezes AND the Water.  Cause I really do want to be clean in practice, don’t you?  See why I say it takes a lot of ‘WATER’ to wash the sin out of saved sinners.

One more thought, well perhaps two  — I had to kept pouring that water on that roller to get it clean. If I had shut off the water too soon — that roller would still be dirty.

We have to keep applying the Word of God, a steady stream of it I’d say, moment by moment, day after day until we are completely clean.  Which, of course, will take a lifetime you know. But, think about it, what better way to spend our ‘three score and twenty’?

Roll that paint on the walls, apply those touch ups, wash those rollers and brushes and often lean your head on the chest of JESUS and enjoy the beautiful paint on the walls of your life!

And the squeeze?  Remember I said, “with just a little squeeze I knew there was yet paint hiding deep in the roller.”?     Can you say with me, Thank You, ABBA, thank You so much for loving me enough to SQUEEZE me? For without the squeezes I would not know what is in me! 

And my Dear Ones this is two fold good. Sometimes He squeezes or allow us to be squeezed so we will see not what needs washing away but what has been washed away! The squeeze lets us see that He has been doing some really great work in us — more than we even knew! With the squeeze we see clean, clear, fresh water flowing from us!! How good is that?!

Clean water flowing and beautiful paint on the walls of our lives!!  I tell you, it don’t get any better!! 🙂

Philippians 1: (New American Standard Bible) 6For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. source

Isaiah 1: (King James Version) 17Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.
18Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the landsource

I like this application, ABBA, I am so glad to have it; so glad to write it and I pray the sharing of it will bless each Reader. And as they gather here to read and pray I ask that You administer it just as You will. Thank You for this ministry. Thank You for every Reader. Thank You for every prayer that is prayed and thank You for every answer You give. Thank You for every life that is touched and thank You for what You will yet do with this group of believers.  In agreement, we bring to Your Throne the needs and faces of those represented by name and we thank You for what You have done for them already and what You will yet do.  Thank You for the safety and protection You have given our IDOK Troops and we ask that You please continue to do that.  Thank You for the messages we have heard; thank You for eyes to see the signs that You display before us each day.  And, ABBA, as I have been so carefully reminded I pray for Israel, gather them to Yourself, I pray for more and more even today to believe and received YESHUA  as their Messiah. Amen and amen in His Holy Name. 

Until Then + + +

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