A Red Letter Day

It has been a red letter day!

Two beautiful daughters have arrived to the loving arms of parents who cherish them. One of those little girls bears the name Thompson — making her a great niece.  And the other, well she’s the daughter of two young people that allowed me into their lives about 7 years ago and my life has been richer since.

And, and — Larry is expected to move to the next step today– townhouse recovery!

My sister-in-law called to let me know my niece has a summer job.

And in Mobile County, Summer has officially begun!! School teachers are rejoicing!  🙂
For Baldwin County I think it will be Friday afternoon.
And with that let the prayers begin for this Summer to be the greatest summer yet for our children. Let it be a Summer of fun, safety and coming to know in a deeper way that JESUS loves them. May it be a Summer of growth in confidence that He has only good plans for them.  May it be a Summer when Moms and Dads open the WORD, love it, live it and lavish it all over those young ones who don’t know what to do with themselves for three months!

And having said all that, who would share with us Summer activity plans to keep children engaged in learning and growing rather than sulking and moaning: “I’m bored!” ?

Yes, a red letter day! May red letter days continue!!

Yikes! time to get ready for choir —
‘see’ you in the morning — LORD WiLLING,

2 Replies to “A Red Letter Day”

  1. Mmmm. Summer starts for us in just over two weeks.
    This year will be different. First time I’ll be working all day while the kids are home. We’ll miss some fun things. Trusting God will carry us through!

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