Father, I am here publicly on behalf of people dependent upon Insulin, Epipens. 
You know what is in the works with this. You know what the pen wrote, so I am asking You for help for these precious people. I pray You will provide for them the help they need apart from the pen

Read the Article HERE.

And, Father, there are thousands of people soon if not already without jobs because of what the pen wrote. I pray for them; dear people, families, and children with needs. I ask You to comfort and help them. 
And Father, I ask for the One who is the pen that he would soon learn better; that You would come to be the INK in his veins. Amen and amen Yeshua HaMashiach. 

Read the Article HERE.

3 thoughts on “Insulin

  1. I saw your comment and can’t remember exactly what I said, but I am so grieved in my heart at the level of this man’s evil – so callous and cruel. There is a motive behind each one of his unreasonable, evil orders, and I am certain this oppressive order that targets the vulnerable will someone financially benefit him and his family’s high level money laundering scheme and it is sickening. Father, comfort those people and us. And set the church on fire to heal the sick so these innocent victims of this are not at the mercy of this evil man AND they will make no money from insulin.

      • My trust is fully in the Lord but I feel His heart so deeply in all of this and am in tears. Like what 25 executive orders so far – not sure of the number but up there – destroying lives and putting America last. Father!!!! Get him out of there. Him and his puppet masters. Expose every motive of every order and destroy the throne he and they set up for themselves. It’s too much, Lord. And thank you. Let’s pray and not give up and not faint in doing good. ❤

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