SOS Praising

I hope you all have experienced the Presence and Power of JESUS this weekend.  Today’s re-post is just as right on now as it was then. It is just what I need in this moment to ‘chew again’. And I am believing it is for some of you too.

Please be in prayer for Dori. The graft is dying; we need some tissue with life to take hold and grow. LaJuanna’s Aunt Sandra is having surgery Monday morning (8/15/11) – prayer needed.

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I am anticipating that what I will be putting on this screen in the next several minutes is going to be way out there for some of you.  In fact it may be so out there that some of you may click out shortly; but I’m pressing on.  If my radical nuttiness will help just one, I’m all for it.  It works for me and perhaps there is one other out there it will work for too.  It takes practice and today’s success was not an overnight one.  It’s been years in the making. The practice is so versatile; it can be adapted to many, if not all, situations.  Here’s the deal.  In the natural, I am a so seriously messed up human that dropping an item of clothing on the floor while making my way from the dryer to the bedroom to fold the clothes has in the past resulted in some negative emotions and some unhealthy self soul talk. But today, I caught myself doing some SOS Praising instead. What’s even better, it was spontaneous!  I didn’t, this time, have to consciously will myself to do it!  It went something like this: ‘LORD, thank You for the opportunity to bend over and pick this up.  What a blessing it is to use these muscles.  Thank You. I feel that; it feels good.  Thank You.’
That’s it … that’s my message for today. Hope it’s helpful. And here’s our Biblical Support Text (I like that too – Biblical Support Text, BST):
2 Corinthians 10:4-6 (New Century Version) 4 We fight with weapons that are different from those the world uses. Our weapons have power from God that can destroy the enemy’s strong places. We destroy people’s arguments 5 and every proud thing that raises itself against the knowledge of God. We capture every thought and make it give up and obey Christ.
Radical nuttiness or not, I’m sold on SOS Praising.  It works for me and y’all are welcome to try it on and give it a test run anytime.

This was fun, ABBA, and best of all it works.  Thank You.  Somehow I just believe You are pleased with my radical nuttiness.  I sure am.  And amid this radical nuttiness and SOS Praising, I have some SOS praying to do too. You know there are some hurting souls, close to my heart.  Ones that are in real need of help with stuff they can’t fix, can’t control, can’t solve, can’t make others behave, can’t make others listen to sound doctrine or wisdom, can’t make others love the way they should; so I am asking You, LORD, to intervene with courage and peace to the hurting ones and with correction and arresting of bad and hurtful behavior to offenders everywhere. Have mercy on them, LORD, and grant them grace to repent and give them reasons to see that repentance is desirable I pray.  Have mercy, DADDY, have mercy.

Please continue to protect our IDOK Troops in every place they are, hostile places abroad and here at home. It is our petition that they be safe and sound in spirit, soul and body.  It is our desire that each of them come home safe and sound, that none be lost in their fields of service.  Our list remains the same for the moment; hearts still waiting for relief, souls still needing to be made whole; folks waiting to know what to do and that’s just the general stuff; so glad You know all the specifics too and we know You are attending to each one.  Thank You, ABBA.  And I’m still thinking about what is required of us to see people saved and still asking You to bring me to the place of readiness to do what You require in Jesus Name and for His sake.  And I’m still praying for Israel; still praying for America; still praying for churches to be Houses of Prayer; still praying for American Leaders to repent; . . .    Amen and amen.

Revelation 2:17 – His Ministry to you,

Click HERE and pray for today’s list.   Lily still needs much prayer too. No word on Carson – any of y’all know about him, please let me know.